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Member Comments on this Photo:
5/8/2012 4:19:41 AM

I'm with MHPFAN... I was just about to so, then read the photo comments and noted I wasn't the only one, but I'll say it anyway, this is a great photo. There is something beautiful about the photo and the something is you. But it is beautiful for the way it seems to relate a sadness and yet hope and the renewal of nature. Perfect.

2/27/2011 12:57:29 PM

That looks like a trail near my place! I love this picture too. Its a good one. Thank you for the comment on my blog picture. :)

3/13/2010 2:59:16 PM

Fantastic photo.

3/10/2010 6:10:36 PM

I really like this photo. When I first started my dogs seemed frusterated with how little distance I could and would walk them. Now they hate me for 4 mile walks lol

2/7/2010 1:38:31 AM

This picture, for some reason, tugs at my heart strings. I don't know if it's your stance or just a feeling I get, but you're so sad. I just want to say, YOU ARE DOING THIS!!!! You're beautiful. Believe it because you are! emoticon