So excited about my weight loss, I bought a size 10 bathing suit on 12-2-06.

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4/29/2012 7:06:53 PM

You look great!

5/5/2011 1:37:19 PM

You've done awesome!! emoticon emoticon

12/13/2009 9:08:15 AM

Just read your bio. My goal is to become certified this year as well! I have a couple others that I am working on as well that are fitness related but the first mission is to get the extra pounds off. I have no excuses as I am now home fulltime now, have all the equipment I need, the knowledge I need, the motivation I need, the time I need and most importantly, I'M READY!!! You look fab! Keep up the good work!

11/22/2009 9:50:57 AM

You inspire