August 2008, 212 Pounds, close to new goal weight

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5/7/2015 9:36:59 PM

To the question on how tall I am. I am 5'7".

As far as portion size, it depends on what I am eating and how much exercise I have done on average over the week. I allow myself more protein than anything because in the long run it keeps me fuller. Any other food group including carbs, veggies & fruit will cause me to get hungry quicker no matter how large of serving I eat. I have found I lose weight at a net calorie level of 800 to 1200 calories. Net calories to me is amount eaten minus amount burned in intentional exercise (not BMR or all day walking calories as recorded by my Fitbit). Calories burned is over and above normal daily activity.

5/7/2015 7:45:03 PM

You look great at 212. Setting a realistic goal at a weight you can maintain is smart. I am down 60 pounds from my heaviest, and I have at least 60 to 70 more to lose, but right now I'm maintaining, which at 68 years old is difficult. However, I'm concentrating on being 60 lbs. down not on the fact that my weight loss has stalled. I'm eating primarily a very healthy diet, and I'm walking about 2 miles a day, according to my Fitbit.
I was wondering how tall you are.

5/5/2015 3:58:38 PM

Congrats on your weight loss. Loved reading your inspiring page. I was directed there under "movitvational spark pages" :) I'm new here, and just digging in to all the exciting features. Let me know what portions worked for you the best and what your favorite parts of the website are =Thanks.

5/3/2011 1:15:52 AM


10/18/2010 8:26:02 AM

You look fantastic! Keep up the great work.

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