Farmgirl Inspiration #1

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8/17/2009 11:32:53 AM

No, that's not me in the bottom right. Most of the pics are other people's pics from I liked the gal in the corner because she really got into her work...notice the dirt. She's also wearing a "Farmgirl" brand shirt. The logo in the middle is from the "Farmgirl" brand website. It's one of their shirts. I had to take a pic of it with my camera to get it though. They don't allow copying and pasting from their site. That's why it's a bit blurry. The group of women in the upper left are British women from the WWII era. Apparently with all the men fighting in the war, the women were called out to go to the farms to work. Kind of like our Rosie the Riveters, I imagine. The rest of the writing is just text boxes added here and there. I made this in Powerpoint and saved it as a .jpg file. The green is a standard green (I think) with one of PPs fading effects. And thanks, my grandmother was a wonderful woman. She raised 4 children (2 twins), sewed, gardened, canned, saw that her daughters took piano and voice lessons, knitted and crotcheted, and cooked the best fried chicken. She wasn't allowed to go to high school even though she really wanted to (her parents didn't see the need for it). I defended my PhD dissertation on what would have been her 100th birthday, and I mentioned her in my dedication, grateful for the opportunities and encouragement I had that she never got. Now I'm looking to her again for inspiration.

8/14/2009 8:35:28 AM

I love your visual, Amy!!!! I'm curious, is that you on the bottom right? And, who are the women at the top left? Looks like a small army! I love how you printed the logo. How did you do that? I'm green to photo stuff. I'm eager to learn, though. I would love to start a scrapbook. Your grandmother looks so sweet!!!!!