RMC Trombone Choir - 2008 - Alto & Soprano trombones on front row

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Member Comments on this Photo:
8/1/2009 9:47:36 PM

I love the description "dinky soprano trombone." I don't know the answer. I'll ask one of the soprano trombone players at church on Sunday. However, one of them, if I say "dinky" will not be happy with me, so I'll just ask about the range. Two of the three soprano trombonists also play trumpet in the band. The third plays french horn. The three alto trombonists normally play (left to right) tuba, tuba and french horn. The rest of us - back two rows - either normally play trombone or play something in that range - euphonium or tuba. We have one french horn player who is playing tenor trombone. That's more than you wanted to know, but I could not help myself.

8/1/2009 7:56:38 PM

What is the range of those dinky soprano trombones? I think I would giggle if I played one of them.