The first time we met, poor baby was so scared and hungry, she litterally jumped into my arms!

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10/21/2009 9:35:52 PM

Sounds like she picked you. That always makes it so special!

9/8/2009 8:59:23 PM

I'm so glad you found your friend.

9/1/2009 6:53:49 PM

Awww! What an awesome story and you bet she deserves the bestest of everything - of course, she already has the bestest mom!

7/31/2009 12:50:04 PM

Thank You so much. I agree, of course :-) In this pic you can see just how under-nourished she was. It breaks my heart to see it and that she ever had to go thru that! she is such a good girl, I cant imagine anyone ever treating her like that, or any animal! That's one thing to get me really going, whenever I hear about these poor babies. in some of the other pics you can see she feels much better!

Anyway, she's so spoiled now, and I do mean so spoiled! :-) I always tell my boyfriend if she tries to see if she can get away with anything(she knows her mamas a softie) that she deserves to explore and experience a fun life because she was locked up and abused and neglected for her whole life. So what can i say..... She's pure sugar! :-)

Thanks for adding me as a friend:-)

Happy Friday

7/30/2009 6:28:47 PM

What a sweetie face!