Casey - The Trouble Maker

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6/17/2010 2:46:22 PM

hahaha I have three cats and one is black and white just like yours. He's my trouble maker, too. Go figure...maybe it's the breed. :)

11/10/2009 6:10:43 PM

i love casey too, lol xxxx

6/23/2009 9:04:03 AM

Oh yes, Shadow's buddy most days. Shadow is definitely the boss of Casey; some days Shadow doesn't feel like putting up with Casey's pestering and has to put him in his place...LOL. Casey tries to be the boss of everyone else (especially of Rufus). Casey is the one who always instigates trouble with the other pets, and he will wake us up in the wee hours of the morning if he wants something -- he does not give up easily. Usually when he wakes us up, he is cute at best and annoying at worst; a few weeks ago though I woke up with a swollen eyelid from Casey batting at my eyes to wake me up. Ouch!
I figured it was time I get Casey's picture loaded here too. Didn't want to be showing too much favoritism to the others. :-)

6/23/2009 5:38:10 AM

Shadow's buddy?

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