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Member Comments on this Photo:
9/24/2009 2:46:21 AM

Lookin' good. Keep it up!
Jane from Guam

6/17/2009 8:47:19 AM

Lookin' good, Done Girl!

6/12/2009 4:50:40 PM

This looks like a lady about to get an MBA -- and anybody who can do that can also lose the pounds you want to lose! We share breast cancer survivor status and I also went back to school in my 40s (law) which was when I put on all of the weight that I peeled off in 2000-2001 from 230 to 150 (as in my virtual model). You're gonna do it!!


6/12/2009 9:44:39 AM

Look at you! I love the smile - it tells me you are a happy lady! And I think I see less of you in some areas, and as you already noted, more of you in other areas. Way to go!