patio tomato, grape tomato, and squash in homemade self watering box

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2/14/2012 5:11:56 PM

Did you make the self watering box yourself or buy it? Cant tell, but wish someone would teach us. I dont think you can grow anything in a box (like those tomato plants that hang upside down, they dont work!) . But I ahve planted stuff in a fish tank and they get good size strawberries! Susana

3/28/2010 1:19:18 PM

Yes! I made these a couple of years ago when I saw the price tag on the Earth Box at the gardening shop! Would you post directions on the Happy Hippies Gardening thread? If you don't, I will, because I think more people should learn how to make these for themselves! Your plants look like they are absolutely bursting with vitality! Which plants did the best in there?

6/30/2009 9:47:59 PM