My sweet Nettie. Passed away this year at nearly 3 yrs. old.

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1/5/2011 6:07:39 PM

I recognize you from a rat board! I saw your avatar and had to visit your page :)

2/10/2010 6:21:44 PM

I'm sorry for your loss.

This picture is wonderful. It looks like you got her professionally photographed. :)

6/7/2009 3:04:18 PM

They say normal span is 2-3, but in the rat fancy most folks consider getting to 2 a big deal. If you get them over 3, it's a really long life for a rattie. Too many rats suffer from bad genetic things. They are prone to tumors, respiratory infections, heart failure... All mine have been rescues with iffy genes and I've had 4 go over 2 years old, 2 of those four made it to nearly 3. I've had a decent chunk go at about 18 months or just shy of two years due to things out of my control.

Nettie was a very sweet girl. She was healthy as can be most of her life. In the end she showed neurological signs of a brain tumor (pituitary tumor) which is uncurable. I've lost four of my ten who've passed to PT. One to heart failure, one to cancer, one to old age, two to respiratory, one died during a surgery. The PT rats tended to be the older kids, the surgery death was my youngest at 10 months (and what a heartbreak that was). The cancer and respiratory hit middle to older aged rats.

Sorry, wow, I can really ramble about rat stuff.
Each death is still so fresh, you know? Even the ones I've lost years ago.

6/4/2009 11:23:49 PM

ohhh, I'm sorry they've passed away.
How old do rats normally live?
Her eyes are really sweet in this picture