My right knee, October 2007

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3/21/2012 8:40:18 PM

I, too, have bone on bone in each knee...will do replacement when I lose more weight!

6/14/2011 7:42:19 PM

Did you ever do anything about your knee because mine looks worse than that and I can barely walk a 50 feet. No standing which is way more painful than walking. I am going to need a repalcement and it scares the begeepers out of me.

5/10/2011 1:22:40 PM

That looks real ugly. My goodness.

10/2/2009 11:00:43 PM

Your right knee looks a lot better than my left knee: bone on bone, almost no spacing, pitting, bone spur, and a bakers cyst. One time my left knee locked up for 2 weeks and swelled up immensely. Took at a month to 6 weeks to be able to walk on it almost normally. And, a couple more to be pretty much back to normal. The knee never gained back it's full limberness, but serves me well. Docs predicted I would be in a wheel chair within 6 months to a year (can't have knee replacement). Well, with lots of fruits and vegetables I have been almost pain free - and still walking.

7/28/2009 3:12:46 PM

Started walking and logging points according to the WW system (but not going to meetings) in May 2007. By October I'd gotten down to about 290 and the mileage had increased to 4 mi/day and my knee was beginning to complain. I was diagnosed with severe arthritis (pitting, bone-on-bone, etc.) Switched to water aerobics.