The logo I use on my hand-knit and crochet items. Drawn/colored by yours truly. :)

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2/10/2010 6:13:47 PM

Awww, how cute!

10/20/2009 3:42:19 PM

Love the logo.

8/8/2009 1:51:33 PM

love this pic! :D

6/2/2009 12:53:20 PM

Aw, thanks. They are awfully sweet creatures.

It really does hurt to lose my little rattie friends so soon. I guess I just think, since all mine are rescues, that I gave them a wonderful and safe life where they were loved and respected. A life that didn't feel short to them. :)

My heart has some holes in it from special kids who've left but the love they give while they are here dwarfs the pain. The only good thing about the short life is that I can help/rescue that many more rats while I'm around. Being able to adopt homeless rats who might end up in horrible situations makes losing my darling family members a little easier to bear.

Thanks for the comment. :)

6/2/2009 7:14:06 AM

And very artistic you are.. You certainly have had some little cuties in your time.. Pity they don't have a longer life span.. My daughter had mice when she was younger - her boyfriend had 2 rats.. I do sort of like them but I would rather have a cat or dog myself.. Cat only at the moment.
Your mice certainly look as if they love you and you love them... good luck with it all.. just couldn't resist making a comment here.... Joan. emoticon