I can see you, Evie!

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6/30/2009 4:52:17 PM

I love black cats. I have ShyGal, Little Black Shadow, Satin, Angel, Fluffles the Bear Cat (Scootch), Brat Cat, and Babykins. Of course, I love any cat so that goes without saying that I would love black ones. Pygmy4

6/27/2009 8:12:50 PM

What a cute picture. I love it. Thanks for your comment on my Ace's picture. Your Evie does look like my Ace cat. We just love our black cat. We aren't sure what kind of cat Ace is but he is an Orental or Minx or some version of Siamese. We adopte d him almost a year ago in August of 2008. The foster Mom of our big dog had given up on finding him a home. She had had him for over a year since he was a tiny baby kitten and no one wanted him. She got depressed because she feels the black animals have been the hardest for her to adopt out. We didn't hesitate and our son fell in love with him! We took him in the hope of helping finding him a home and boy DID HE. We think lots of people missed out on a great cat. Our friends also had a black cat, his name was Squirt. Our Ace Man loves to eat and play soccer and sleep in the window during the day and play all night. He is awesome as I'm sure your Evie is.

6/21/2009 4:00:43 PM

This is so cute cause it looks like that is what Evie is saying..