Taken in Denver when we went there for my grandmother's funeral a year ago.

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6/29/2009 4:50:51 PM

Well, that photo is about a year old. Back then, I was able to get around on just the crutches. Now, unless I absolutely have to (like in some of the older buildings around here) I use the wheelchair. The discs are such that pressure on them cuts out any feeling to the lower limbs at all and I fall even with the crutches. They also dislocate the shoulders because the shoulders aren't made to bear the weight of the body like that. I get around in a wheelchair when I can and use the crutches when I have to. Unless they can get around the problem of putting the tissue back together once it's cut, I'm not a surgery candidate.

6/29/2009 1:00:47 PM

Awesome that you are up moving on crutches and not wheelchair. Keep working on it girl. Truly will see improvements over your lifetime as you can move around. I understand all the medical issues. Granted, you have a metabolic failure, but you are taking care of you. No matter what, you can do it. I've seen and known people who were told they would never be able to do something because of health issues, guess what, they are doing it!