Who is THAT woman !?!? The Before Picture

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2/24/2014 12:57:07 PM

You look so amazing, but you look very nice in your before too ... just a bit heavier. I am in the same boat you started at now ... and when I work out at Gold's Gym, I feel like I'm holding a 100 lb. bowling ball while riding the bike. I am going to hire a personal trainer for at least a month, I've decided, to give me some help, and go to the gym 4-5x a week -- even if I'm feeling sick, tired, or whatever! I hope one day in the near future I can look as good as you do. You should be very proud of yourself. You achieved a lot!

5/25/2010 2:39:04 PM

It has blessed mea lot to read your story and see these pictures. I'm your same "starting weight" range and it gives me great hope for my own journey. Thank you for sharing so openly... And blessings to you and your lovely family!

4/6/2010 10:58:38 AM

WOW, what a difference!!!! Bless your heart for all the effort u put into getting your life back.