One month on - March 2009 At least the top doesn't roll up now!

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10/2/2012 7:10:13 PM

Last night, I realised that it's 13 weeks since I came back on Spark, and I've got almost to the place I got way back in July 2009 [which took me 5 or 6 months], and then fell of the wagon. So, I should take some updated pics. I've got just under 3lbs to go to get to that place so, when I do, I'll take some more pics. I plan to hook out the same swimsuit so I can 'compare' but you are right, a white background would be a better contrast. Off the top of my head though, I think I'm about half a stone lighter now, than in this picture.

10/2/2012 8:51:19 AM

I wish you had a white dress on or a white background, it would show off your shape a lot better. From what I can see, emoticon