Dang! I was young then!

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4/22/2010 11:43:07 PM


3/6/2010 10:42:59 AM

Yes, youth is a wonderful thing! I try to say looking young and take good care of myself, but just one question?Would you go back? As much fun as I had, I wouldn't.I love my life, the wisdom that comes with age, and how much closer my relationship to the Lord is now. Oh, and in ten years when you look at a photo from today, won't you say the same thing...Darn,I was young then... You are as young as you feel.Appreciate your good looks today! :)

2/17/2010 6:07:37 PM

Beesparkle is right, we all were. lol. I was lost as lost could be when I was younger, I didnt get born from above till I was 2 months short of 42. Your looking really good and young lol.

1/21/2010 2:01:28 PM

.. and you still are!... age is just a number... emoticon

10/16/2009 8:27:04 PM

Youth is wasted on the young!

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