My tattoo on my right foot.

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11/8/2010 10:42:14 AM

Ohh I love your tattoo.
I am trying to find a sun that I like, similar to yours.
I love Arizona & want a kind of Mecca type sun.
I have a dragonfly on my foot - for my SIL passed away & she had one.
I also have a butterfly on my shoulder.
You can see in my photos.

Thanks for sharing.
Lynn, Tacoma WA

2/19/2010 9:15:05 AM

Nice Tatoo. Makes we want to go get some more color put in the one I have. My son does tatoo's for a hobby so it is just about finding the time to do it... I think so many times we take care of others but not overselves.

1/29/2010 8:49:52 AM

Very cool...I'd like a tatoo to celebrate my goal weight (about another 30-35 lbs to lose) and to celebrate my angel boy Josh who we lost at the tender age of 22...I think the foot might be a great place..I'd like a small that was his fav action superhero..but tell me...does it hurt..does it hurt?? I've always hear the foot is uber sensitive...I'm a sissy..for sure! emoticon