The "devil" made me do it. I made it up this nasty hill!

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6/24/2009 3:02:58 PM

Now that is a funny story. I've almost done that myself but have learned to ride as slow as 3mph up a hill. Not fun but doable. One thing you learn on a bike is how to fall. I keep forgetting to unclip my shoes. Am doing lots better but some days are better than others.

6/24/2009 11:41:24 AM

You know this reminds me that when we were in Crystal River RV Park this last February, we were parked by a road with a big hill. I watched day after day people riding their bikes up the hill. One day, a man rode up, up, up, the hill, going ever so slowly until.....blip...over he went. He wasn't hurt thank heavens but this was one for the 'Funniest videos'. I can imagine he was imbarrassed when several people ran over to help him.