Its time!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3/27/2010 8:33:45 AM

At least it's not the White Sox. Stephen King is a huge Red Sox fan. GO CUBS!!!

3/13/2010 4:10:05 PM

I am a Yankee fan which you know LOL. This is Cyrella from New York State. I have always been a Yankee fan and grew up right near the stadium. We could hear the fans hollering from our window. It was fun. Even though I am a Yankee fan, I must say, Boston is a good team, too. I know we are rivals, but hey, someone has to win once in a while. People say they don't like the Yankees, but they are a good team. They won more championships than any other team. This past year after 9 years of not winning the world series, it was a long time coming. OK, I know the Red Sox did not win in over 80 years. They did deserve to win. Everyone has their team. Some even have 2 in a state. We have the NY Mets.
Hope this year it will be a good baseball year.
Cyrella emoticon