In Yosemite Nat'l Pk on my Great Southern Journey (6000 mi) in Apr/May 2006

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6/4/2011 12:10:09 PM

YOu mention that you look older than you are... I sure don't think so, if you are 59 in this pic I think you look awesome, that lifestyle that you "have" to follow has certainly helped! I am just starting to review gluten stuff as I am having so many pains that I think could be related. Dr says what gluten??? and gave me tylenol 3 and lyrica both which i dont want to take as allready have arthrotec for my arthritis and nexium cos I take arthrotec. So time to find out and then get off this stuff. Yes I do have arthritis but if I can help eliminate some of the sx by diet then it is time to get serious. thanks for the info on your page and have to get back to checking your page more often.