July 2008: Smokin' hot at my lowest - 63 pounds down for my mom's wedding!

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9/1/2014 7:44:21 PM

That is a beautiful picture of you and your mom, and I love your blue dress!

12/2/2009 5:14:39 PM

I LOVE all the pics we took in Oregon. I am seriously stoked you'll be moving there (well, not for certain but damn good odds!) so Greg and I CAN come visit! :) I really really do love this pic of you two tho. :)

10/4/2009 12:07:13 PM

Beautiful! You'll get there again! I'm also up after being at my lowest weight in 2008. It's amazing how we reach a certain point and get terrified. I suppose we just have to focus on the fact that we did it once and can definetly do it again!