Our own Mad Eye Moody... Charlie

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4/19/2015 9:53:20 AM

His tongue was almost always out. he had lost part of his jaw. He was our very first Pap/rescue and it was Charlie here that turned me into a crazyy dog lady... He lived to be 17.5...

4/18/2015 11:00:18 PM

Awww, sweet baby!!

3/22/2011 6:09:10 AM

He was a rescue, our very first one. And yes, most the time his tongue was out. He had no teeth and part of his jaw missing, a terrible infection from neglect. But that gave him zero issues with anything!

3/21/2011 5:10:39 PM

OMG!!! This is the most adorable baby EVER! I am absolutely in love! Is he a rescue? Does he always stick his tongue out like that? He is so precious.