Me in Christmas (Dec. '07). This is the heaviest I've ever been.

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7/24/2014 5:27:34 PM

R u sure u r the same person! U r quit the inspiration! emoticon

3/13/2012 5:20:18 PM

Wow, I did a double take..... for a second I thought that was a picture of me!!
(Seriously, if the hair were longer..... that is me.)

I read success stories time an time again, and wonder why won't it work for me. No more!

If it is ok, you are my hero! I know it can be done. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing your stories/photos. Thank You Thank You

I'm going to do this right
I'm not going to fall back and/or give up
And you have encouraged so much.

Should have said this first but, Congratulations! I hope for you a happy healthy future.

Thank you again, you have really made my day and opened my eyes.