Just a happy day.

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7/22/2009 5:55:27 PM

Very pretty picture. Looking forward to seeing those wedding pictures as well. One of our daughters just got married this past weekend. emoticon emoticon

6/8/2009 12:13:33 PM

You look great

5/31/2009 10:07:09 PM

i love your locsi can't quite get mine to loc the way i want them to. for some reason, they are half ass locking which means the front looks like i got a perm and the back looks like bobo dreads. i don't have any recent pics of them this way but that is the ordeal i am currently facing. i have had them for 2 years already so i don't know whats taking them so long to loc the same way all over my head. jeese sorry ths is so long. good luck on your wedding and weight loss goals. you are beautiful. stay up and please post pics of your wedding. i have been married for 2 years almost and i had to go to city hall so seeing wedding pics always makes me smile.