Hidden Lake- This is a tiny lake above Silver Lake. You have to walk in to see it. No roads

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8/21/2010 3:33:25 PM

This is a very small lake in the Sierras- California

8/21/2010 2:43:46 PM

this is my type of lake this is beautiful what state is it in...

5/22/2010 2:28:43 PM

It usually is peaceful here at this lake. That day, however it was starting to rain and ended up being a thunder and lightening storm. We pretty much ran back to camp, because there was no shelter away from the lightening.

5/22/2010 1:23:54 AM

This pond looks very peaceful and restful. I love the trees.

We have a small pond on Guam called Hidden Pond. It is not hard to get to just about a mile walk along the beach and then cut into the jungle. It is one of the few fresh water ponds on Guam.

Jane on Guam