Shades of purple fair entry (took first place)

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10/27/2010 9:56:58 AM

This is amazing. What a great talent you have.

10/27/2010 9:41:42 AM

Wow, nice work. I recently got my baker's asst. certificate, am preparing vegetarian meals for families (working toward personal vegetarian chef) & baking--mostly gluten-free breads & desserts. In the classes, needing to taste & evaluate products, I had a problem; but when I realized 'taste' meant a bite, not an entire piece, I did much better. I think it was when I saw the rest of the class have a plate-load of 5 or 6 full-size cheesecake, then several say, "I think I'm gonna be ill......" I decided there was a big difference between taste & serving. Included them on my nutrition tracker, too!
Great job so far! & emoticon on being Motivator. emoticon

5/22/2009 6:34:34 PM

This cake is BEAUTIFUL! You have great talent.

4/30/2009 10:23:55 PM

Of course, it was purple! You shuold send your resume to Ace of cakes!