Cappie sugars :)

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9/11/2014 3:55:09 PM

this is a beautiful bird.

6/22/2014 12:21:12 AM

BEAUTIFUL ........... And I DO mean YOU!!!! And what flawless and gorgeous complexion!! ............. :)

6/23/2012 7:10:06 PM

Beautiful Blue and Gold,I miss our sweet Rico,she was a sweetie!

5/8/2011 2:12:02 AM

Aw, what a great picture! Love it!

2/23/2010 7:57:01 AM

Thank you!. she is still a baby to me, was 3 in this pic. She's probably as big as she'll ever get. I had a male Catalina macaw, who was HUGE along with being loud (ok, I know they're all loud but his hour long scream fests a couple times a day were overwhelming) and he was very mean and aggressive to everyone but me. He was a sweetie to me, but had to sell him due to biting and charging at others when he was out of his cage. I loved him and miss him.

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