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was going through it for the past week something horrible but NOW, I'm feeling better. I had to let go of timed expectations and accept that the only moment that actually exists is NOW. (1 comments) was going through it for the past weeks badly but NOW, I'm feeling better.I had to let go of timed expectations,worrying about the future&accept that the only moment that actually exists is NOW has been on my journey for 21 weeks and has FINALLY got a GYM MEMBERSHIP!!!! Yeah for me!!Day One=Treadmill&Biceps&Triceps! (1 comments) has been going through it for awhile but I am back with a new focus,great motivation&strong determination.I got this!I am DETERMINED to make this a GREAT YEAR! made a very delicious low carb Chessy Sausage Cabbage Casserole. My mom was like, "That's going to give you a lot of gas." I was like,"If I have to fart my way to fitness, so be it!" LOL! is so HAPPY that my BFF is on this journey seriously now! We made a pact to support&push each other to get as fine as we can by the summer.We are taking over the plus size modelling world!Look out! is wishing this weight would come off a lot quicker. I see why people do crazy crash diets. You just want to see the results. Dang it! has been absent from SparkPeople for awhile now. I got discouraged and plateaued. However I am back on track and am going to push myself to get the results I want. I HAVE TO DO THIS NOW! (1 comments) I love this face pic of me. It's a few years two...or three. Whatever! My first photo shoot.I like this shot because it's powerful and sexy at the same time. 301lbs here. (1 comments) I'm 301 lbs in this pic and I am wearing that weight pretty good but that's NOT good enough anymore. (1 comments) I am about 270-285lbs here. I was in Tribeca, NYC coming from a talk radio show interview. I'm about 315-325lbs here. Cute side shot. 301lbs here. I am on Broadway. I am probably 315-325lbs here. This was suppose to be a shot with a large shirt that's flow-y.Well,as you see,not so much. 301lbs Uhhhh! I see ya! :) (1 comments) 301lbs This about 6years ago.I'm about 285lbs.I like these older pics because it lets me know I'm close. My Grandmother and me at a 4th of July cookout at my Uncle's. I'm about 320 here. Times Square Boobs! LOL! (1 comments) What I will see by May 2015! I'm claiming it! FYI, those are not my toes! Ideal look I am going for. I like a fuller body but still fit. (1 comments) This is a plus model that I really like.I aspire to be thick, fit and healthy. Plus model doing her thing like I will be doing sooner than later. God willing. My love! (1 comments)

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