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(1 comments) (2 comments) This is how I eat now (mostly) I'm a Nutritarian Secret to SUCCESS! Freedom From ALL Side-Effects of DEAD FOODS. Having your Hormones out of balance is the cause for all of our Hunger...Whether Emotional or Physical... Count CHEMICALS...Not Calries Count CHEMICALS...Not Calories Live your Life in JOY. It makes you FEEL Lighter and YOU WIN!!! What's it like inside your bubble...Does your head ever give ya' trouble? Look Around, Then Slow-Down. Hang-On -- Help is on its way. I'll be there as fast as I can. With Risk...Comes Reward. There is Nothing to wait for. Try it and See what Happens. (1 comments) Toughen Up a Little...Embrace your scars...They build your Courage and Bravery. Yay! My Mom and Dad and Nephews are coming for a visit Today!!! We get the weekend to catch-up! Howdy Friends...I miss ya's...I'm doing alright. It's a NEW Day for New Outcomes and Opportunities. Listen to your Intuition - Let Nothing hold you back. Squelch the Doubt and Just Beleive You CAN! Life is Good... (1 comments) (1 comments) I will INNovate my way through 2016 - No resolutions or restrictions for me...I am ADDING MORE this year! (2 comments) is a Bloggin' Crazy Lady...and you heard it from me First. WHOOOOOO! (1 comments) If we get rid of Limiting Thinking, then we are Left with UnLimited Outcomes (1 comments) Just because we are Not Aware...Does not mean it Does not Exist...The fact is...It just does not Exist in our Own Personal Reality Until we are Aware. I Traded in my DEAD FOODS and DEAD THOUGHTS for HEALTHY FOODS and HAPPY THOUGHTS and it just MELTS OFF because I am NOT Activating my Fat Storage Hormones any longer...FINALLY!!! SUCCESS!!! Got your Nutrition in Check? Ready to take it to the NEXT LEVEL? Check my Blogs for somthing to Ponder, Perhaps it will Propel stalled Results. Doing it my own way...and By Golly...I think I have struck Gold! Who Knew it was so simple? Seeing myself through new eyes. Listen to what your Heart has to say above Your Ego...Your heart always wants what is best for you...Your Ego always wants what is Best for Ego. Either we Change or we Get Left Behind...It is how Nature Works...Nothing stays the same...Except Change. i Gone to Sunny FLA...Be back Next Week. Keep on Tryin' Purge Processed Foods and Promote Peace...It'll Do a Body Wonders! Off to some Relaxing & Celebratin my Birthday w/Awesome Friends and Family! (1 comments) is is is is is (1 comments) is (1 comments) Sparkpeople you perplex me. I had over 8000 clicks on my google page yesterday and 0 here. I speak on Health Topics & No one here seems interested in Learning. ??? It IS Okay to Question...Question Everything...and then have a Wide-Open Mind...Realize that There is more yet to be Discovered that You just might not be aware of yet... is (1 comments) is (1 comments) Is Everybody Awake Now??? What Lessons Shall We Learn from all of this? I assure you...There are Plenty to Choose from. Take Your Pick...and Figure out what you need to Understand... (2 comments) When you Listen from within Trust Yourself and are Brave enough to Just Do It. You Never Know Where you may Wind Up But you Know It is Exactly Right Where you are Supposed to be. (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) History of Victory! Wishing you Happy Thoughts! (1 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) When Life gets too heavy...Bend like the Tree so that You Do Not Break. Here's to You My Friend...An Autumn Toast to your Good Fortune Health and Happiness. (1 comments) Subtle Changes over time Lead to Vibrant Results! (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Cool Healthy Tip: Eat Raw Spinach and Raw Walnuts out of a bag like most would chips. Have your Healthy snack & emulate the motion. It just may work for you...Especially if you Want to Eat Healthier (1 comments) What are you made of? (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) i (1 comments) (4 comments) Me in August 2013 Gramma's 90th (1 comments) Me October 2012 (1 comments) Last Day of BLC-22 Baybee!!! (5 comments) End BLC22 -13 Pounds! -4.5" from Waist -3.5" hips, -1.5" thighs (3 comments) Last Day of BLC22 211. -13 Pounds in 12 weeks Diving Back In (2 comments) (10 comments) (4 comments) Come and enjoy our AZURE DESTINATIONS (3 comments) (2 comments) (2 comments) Me, March 2012 New Hair, Going from Black to Brown, Preparing for highlights for Summer!!!! (3 comments) (2 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) We HAVE to BELIEVE... CHANGE Can, WILL, and DOES Happen...We just hafta FOCUS on the right things...CELEBRATE YOUR CHANGE! We must set Goals if we want to KNOW what we are aiming for. Get out of your Comfort Zone...It's where the MAGIC Happens!!! (3 comments) Thank You All For being so kind... (1 comments) Add in some Weights Pixie Calm...Relax...Refresh...Renew...Ahhhhhhhh
Tracy (Pirates), Yo, Pamela (Peach) 3 Amigas Thank you to All of my Wonderful Spark Friends! (1 comments) New Hair...New Me!!! (3 comments) Me in August before Spark people at around 215 pounds. (1 comments) Me at my heaviest...Never thought I'd ever say this but...220 pounds! (1 comments) Birthday party, March 2008, 189lbs (1 comments) There's a New Sherrif In Town! My 7 year old taking pictures. (2 comments) Never mind the mess around the tree BUT do notice my exercise equipment which is never very far away (5 comments) Christmas Party 2007, probably around 197lbs (1 comments) I'm in the front trying to hide . 215lbs The bandana (5 comments)

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