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Taken on January 29, 2010 in 29 Palms, CA (1 comments) We reach the Golden Gate Bridge Antigone and I reach the Pacific after a 4.5 month journey on the bicycle. (2 comments) Me (1 comments) Here I am April 2011 gaining weight again. April 2011, gaining weight again Just ten more to go and Goal Two will be Subjugated. May 2009 (1 comments) may 2009 (4 comments) From the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk, 2009 (2 comments) I'm not that Terminator Winne the pooh I want to be yet! but i'm on my way! (1 comments) It's a bicep! It's mine, and it's going to become a Mancep! (2 comments) July 2009 (2 comments) Taken by the Pontiac Daily Leader Antigone and I pose for a picture for the Pontiac Daily Leader (1 comments) Close up of me on the Adventure. this is about 330 miles into it. (1 comments) Antigone and me in St. Charles, MO. We had to find a place to sleep that would allow dogs. Antigone and I biking to the Pacific. We are in Carthage, MO here. (1 comments) Antigone! (1 comments) (1 comments) This is taken by the Mason newspaper. The article will be that we waited out the weather in Brady Me, Antigone, and Carol. Carol has helped us while we were in San Saba! We cross the Divide! It's all down hill from here. Antigone running on the beach in SC. Kirby Strong Legs Making Crepes for NYE 2008. Crepes are easy to make, and so impressive. Cooking Crepes on NYE 2008. I look rather butch. Me at my biggest, at over 315, estimated weight may be 325 or more. This is me at my perhapes biggest.

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