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Our new addition to the family, Shadow. (3 comments) Our oldest son trying to look tough after playing in the park with our dogs. (2 comments) What are you doing to do today! is hoping you have a fantastic day, I am! Up and at it, time for breakfast. Have a great day! is having a great morning! Seize the day! Feeling tired so taking a day off from the gym. Good morning everyone! I'm back! It's Monday and another week ahead. Hope you enjoy it. Have a great day! (2 comments) It's just too cold out there. -40s with windchill. Where is spring? is BRRR, Cabin fever for me and the dogs. Where is warmer weather? (3 comments) Coffee time! TIme to warm up and wake up! (1 comments) is home from delivering Avon brochures. Not nice out there, what a wind. Glad I am home. How is everyone today? Hope this picture brings you a smile! Wondering where spring is? Time to go and find it. (1 comments) Good morning! Sun is shining, the day is getting warmer, feeling great this morning, don't know why. I will take it though. Have a great day! (1 comments) Good morning! Had so much fun last night at Rumor's, going to be a regular thing, I think. See you tomorrow! Birthday today! (4 comments) is hoping you all have a wonderful day. Get your green on! is wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! (2 comments) Hope you are gentle with yourself today and every day from now on. is hoping you are all having a wonderful weekend and making good choices. (1 comments) Hoping you have fun today! Yay, April is here and spring is sprung. Trees have shoots on them, geese were back early. LIking that the weather is warming up! Enjoy the month! is off to bed. Sorry I wasn't on today, busy with other things and just not doing much. Have a good sleep. Good morning. Beautiful sunny day. It's the start of my weekend so hope you have a wonderful long weekend and Easter. Will be back here on Sunday! Good morning, long weekend gone Monday is here, have a good day. PS feeling better. Hope you have a happy Saturday! See you tomorrow! Good morning! It's Monday and feeling like winter here. Hibernating for the day! (1 comments) (2 comments) Good morning! Happy Canada Day! Good morning, have an awesome day. September is gone, welcome October! Good morning. Hope you have a fantastic Friday. I will, Jim's weekend starts today so have a few things to do and hopefully a bonfire tonight or tomorrow night. Shadow, our only guy left. Great pup he is. (1 comments) Only Shadow is left. (2 comments) Our 2 cats, Pumkin and Sox, lounging on boxes on moving in day. is getting ready for a few days of rain! is Sorry I haven't been around. Moved halfway cross the country, packing and unpacking, so much to do and also studied with Alive Academy here in BC. Hope all is well with everyone! is so tired after working the election yesterday, too much brain work! Taking it easy today, have a great day! is hoping you all have a wonderful long weekend, save safe, enjoy and relax! (1 comments) is looking forward to the weekend. is hoping you have a wonderful Summer Solstice! is feeling a little tired today. is hoping you all have a great Canada Day weekend. Got yoga done, now going to take the dog for a walk and hopefully get to the gym today too. (5 comments) Cosmo (8 comments) Casey (7 comments) Punkin (8 comments) Saw these Irish wolfhounds at one of my son's football game, beautiful animals. (2 comments) Make It Possible (1 comments) Are You Really Rise Above it (3 comments) (4 comments) (3 comments) (1 comments) Adaire Ireland (2 comments) Cashel Castle Ireland Giants Causeway (2 comments)

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