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WETMAC's Photo Gallery

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Christmas Cake - A Chocoholics Delight. (3 comments) Christmas Cake from another angle. (3 comments) MY BROTHER ALAN, MUM AND ME. (3 comments) DWARF RHODODENDRON, THE FIRST OF THE THREE TO BLOSSOM. (4 comments) THIS ONE IS FOR SHERRY. MY PURPLE GIANT CROCUS ARE JUST COMING INTO THEIR OWN. (1 comments) The Alpine bed underneath our front window, just 2 seasons old. (2 comments) The new smaller Alpine bit. (3 comments) Scottish Eagle as painted by my brother (1 comments) TRISH ON DESCANT RECORDER AND ME ON TREBLE (4 comments) OUR SMALL PULPIT. ADVENT AND XMAS CANDLE ON RIGHT OF PIC WITH CHISTDINGLE ON PULPIT) (1 comments) CENTRE PEWS (MARY IS ON FAR RH SIDE OF PHOTO) (1 comments) OUR XMAS TREE (1 comments) Moonlight over the park (6 comments) I just love the feathery flowers on this one. (1 comments) My other geranium now in flower (3 comments) Most of the veg is about ready for harvest. (3 comments) The rose bush out front (2 comments) The small border (2 comments) My geranium tub and a different hydranga, the one with the pom pom flowers. (1 comments) These shrubs are just 2 seasons old and started out as mere sticks in the ground (2 comments) The roses are just coming into bloom (1 comments) The shrubbery can never be shown at its best because of the different flowering times The bamboo is really doing well (2 comments) Cannot remember the name of this one. Anyone help? (4 comments) Lovely Narcisuss, so similar to the daffodil and they last about as long.. (3 comments) (1 comments) (5 comments) THIS IS A FIRE RAINBOW - THE RAREST OF ALL NATURALLY OCCURING PHENOMENA. (6 comments) Mum and Trish (2 comments) My animal friends (1 comments) The bird feeder, (Note Mary's decoration) (1 comments) At the side of the shed; jasmine, fuchsia, heathers, fuchsia, conifer and green heather (1 comments) The established hydrangea, (there are two more but youngsters) (1 comments) The ones with the 'pom-poms' are Alliums and the central plants are Dwarf Rhododendrons (4 comments) (1 comments) My dog Lucky in his favourite position (4 comments) The view over my garden shed (3 comments) The same view at sunset (4 comments) Lucky captured (3 comments)

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