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Getting third place trophy at the Dayana Cadeau Classic 10/23/2010 (2 comments) Pretty pose from the evening portion of the Dayana Cadeau (3 comments) Two princesses having a blast at Moonfest 2010 At the Hard Rock with my BFF Daiane :) 4/22/2011 Me and Daiane Halloween 2011 (2 comments) Me and my Sissy at the top of the observation tower at Shark Valley Park (1 comments) On the Shark Valley Trail (1 comments) My little munchkin growing inside me :) (1 comments) Me with Jaime Eason at the 2010 Arnold. Love her!!! (6 comments) With Figure Pro Ava Cowen (1 comments) With the icon herself JNL. She was very kind in person. (2 comments) Oh my goodness! Is that the "Natural" Couture? I nearly piddled myself, I was so happy to meet him! (6 comments) Tosca Reno! Love the Eat Clean Diet! Everyone should read it :) (2 comments) 2010 Europa on stage (5 comments) 9/13/2010 six weeks out "pretty pose." (4 comments) on stage at the 2010 Ruby Classic (2 comments) October 2010 at the Dayana Cadeau Classis (5 comments) getting my third place trophy! (1 comments) Back progress from 2/6/2010 (1 comments) back/bicep progress (8 comments) I found an old before pic (2006) and decided to do a comparison from2008 (19 comments) 1 week out from my first NPC bikini contest! (8 comments) Me with two friends I made at the 2009 NPC Ft Lauderdale Cup. (4 comments) Me with Angelique Millis, 3rd Place winner of Class D bikini. (4 comments) 2009 ft lauderdale cup. on stage. (6 comments) Halloween 2009 (1 comments) Progress pic. My main focus for the 2010 season. Need to get a power booty! (8 comments) I'm so proud of my hubby! He graduated Suma Kum Laude for his Bachelor's in Criminal Justice Daiane, me, Christyna's boyfriend Roy, and Christyna. Holloween 08 Ash the Super Cat - I don't take diet or exercise advice from him :) (2 comments) At 170 lbs on 06/05/2007 Me at 190 lbs with a really bad hairdo. (4 comments) Me and my Hubby Having fun at Chili's INSPIRATION COLLAGE (1 comments) Me at 192 lbs December 2006. Closest thing to a start photo I have (1 comments) 161 lbs and showing some muscle!!!!! Me and my sissy at Renfest 08 (that's me in the bellydance costume) me and the family at Renfest 08 taken on 03/01/08 This is River, the newest addition to our family Daiane and I at the picnic on 3/29/08 Me and my Bubby at my friend Tate's store. River trying to sleep while her anoying mommy takes pictures. (1 comments) taken 06/20/2008 while in Miami Beach. The girls at Rapids 06/30/08 2008 Heartwalk. red shirts are Boca Raton Sparkers, white Police Services team My friend Melissa, her baby Erin and me at the beach Me in my new retro outfit...Love it! (4 comments)

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