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54 years ago at 4:00 pm I was in our apartment when I started to hear the wind, soon the neighbors roof was blowing off. My first hurricane, never forget Columbus Day Storm. Cheers (2 comments) When it rains it pours. Wet day, and I have a wet bathroom. Toilet over ran, what a mess. Still stopped up. Hope it gets fixed today, Tired of running over to gym to use facilities What a day.Cheers. (4 comments) God saved me today from a driver headed straight toward me on a one way street. Quick braking, and room to swerve prevented a tragedy. Used up one of my lives, lost track what's left. Cheers (6 comments) Seeing my life flash in front of me and not end, released a lot of pent up stress ,I slept like a baby. It's very stormy here, cautioned not to drive. I don't need any warning ,staying in. Cheers (1 comments) It's another stormy day. Plan on a restful Sunday. Staying in, early mass, watch talk shows. Politics , can hardly wait, Madam President. You 'all enjoy the day. Cheers (3 comments) Hope all are enthused and positive for today and the week to come. Tonight is dinner with the "girls", our monthly night out. Going to a local Tap House, fun time.Off on walk. Cheers (2 comments) Busy , French Onion soup ready for lunch, Meatball Stroganoff for dinner. Cook early, more time to do my crafts. Debate tonight, Hillary needs to put him away. Enjoy the day. Cheers (3 comments) This should cover all time zones. I just ate a chile lime chicken burger from Trader Joe's, best ever. Titan had some ,he like them too. H. won final debate. Trump's done. Vote, enjoy, Cheers Another week almost behind us, where did it go? Just added another craft show to schedule, better get busy. hope all have a good day, and succeed in all endeavors Cheers. (2 comments) I've made a dozen ornaments, tired, need some me time. Tomorrows a new day, refreshed ready to continue. Pork roast ,roasted butternut squash for dinner. Hope all enjoying the day. Cheers (1 comments) Sad my Dodgers fell short, but happy that the ever losing Cubs have another chance to over come the curse. May the best team win. Have a great day. Cheers (1 comments) Back from gym, it was hard today, didn't sleep well. Pets are all fed, dinner cooked, I'm sniffling and achy, so going to rest a little. Can't get sick, so check it now. Take care, Cheers (1 comments) Fighting off a Fall cold. Craft show Fri. and Sat. so need my health. No flu shot yet, next month. Another day rest, chicken soup. Skip gym,but walk in park with Titan. Cheers (2 comments) Happy Birthday Titan. Oct. 26,2004. Now 12 years old, still acts like a puppy. Love him . He'll get a steak and special doggie treat cake. It's Happy Birthday Hillary, Madam President. Enjoy, Cheers (4 comments) What a full fun day. Started out with scrambled eggs/bacon breakfast. Rain stopped went to park. Came home to nap. Then steak dinner with dog treat cake. Thanks for a great birthday. Cheers Titan (3 comments) Happy Friday, busy , getting ready for craft show. Hope the rain is light or clears, hate to unload items in the rain. Titan napping,will walk soon. Cheers Dealing with the head neck pain today. Not sure how long I can postpone an operation? Or some form of relief. Can't do much activity, movement too painful. Watch TV,walk Titan. You 'all enjoy. Cheer (7 comments) Went to Dr.,on antibiotics, my energy is so low. Told to rest. Take all my pills. Eat healthy. I'll try to be good. I don't like to feel sick. Hope you all are feeling good. Cheers (6 comments) The headache is fierce today. Going back to bed. Check back in later. Hope you all are doing better than I. Cheers (10 comments) Came home to go out with girls. Great NY steak, 1/2 saved for lunch with salad today. Driving so no drinks. Had fun anyway. Back to beach tomorrow. All's good. Enjoy your day. Cheers (7 comments) Manzanita beach view. Ocean fog should clear up, but it's cool just being here. Had fire last night. Fall is in the air. Dogs has run on beach, I strolled. Enjoy the day. Cheers (5 comments) Morning, when ever I have doubt, this is a reminder where I was and how far I've come. Last day of craft show, it's been OK. Packing up lots of exercise. Have a great day. Cheers (5 comments) The art/craft show went well. Tired but that's normal for the work I put in.Stupidly didn't drink enough water ,dehydrated and lost minerals caused muscle spams after I got home.Smarter and OK now. (7 comments) Late checking in. worked on this new necklace,. Plus finished couple other pieces.Very productive day. I am caring for a sick Titan. Upset tummy, hope that's all.Enjoy your evening. Cheers (7 comments) My asthma hit Tuesday after run, it was bad. I lost track of the date. Whole day shot. Back on track. Enjoy your day, I'm working on it, plus making jewelry pieces. Cheers (7 comments) Another tragic senseless mass killing. Prayers for all involved. Prayers for Orlando, Prayers for our country. (6 comments) Your support. encouraging comments, lift me up. I didn't sleep good last night, so worked on a necklace. Today, Feel like I'm on the night shift. Your blog comments cheered me on. Love Ya", Cheers (4 comments) June 8, National Cancer Survivor Day. My cancerous tumor was removed, as long as it doesn't return, I'm a survivor. Although there are many survivors, need to have all survivor. Better days. (1 comments) Monday, hum, wonder what today will bring?3rd day of excessive heat. Walked early. Walmart for pills, then jewelry creations. Simplified life. Enjoy your day. Cheers (6 comments) If the power stays on , will make it thru this heat wave. Lost power Sat. for 3 hrs or so.Sure over load on system. Up early, walked, allergy kicked up. I'm a mess. Ha!Enjoy your day. Cheers (7 comments) Thank you friends for all you do to enhance my life. Today will be challenging. Operating on little sleep. Try to nap, get back on schedule Work out should help. Take care. Cheers. (5 comments) Six years ago I was obese ,crippled, with not much going for me. Supportive Doctor, friends , Spark and a desire to live changed me to a energetic 74 yr."Hottie. Cheers (8 comments) Six years with Spark have enhanced my life . As long as I can operate my PC I'll be connected with Spark. Thank you friends for your support. Love ya'. Enjoy the day. Cheers (6 comments) Yesterday's MRI was an ordeal I never want to repeat. An long hour. know results next week. Today, feeling good, walked with Titan, dance for aerobics .Make it a good day. Cheers (7 comments) Thanks for healing vibes. I'm off for MRI of my head.Hope they find it's not empty, just because I'm a blond. All jokes aside, hope it clears up my headache issues. Enjoy the day. Cheers (9 comments) Dealing with side effects of the cancer hormone medication . Swollen joints, headaches, water retention ,Give it the month, maybe switch. Doing my best. Enjoy the day. Cheers (11 comments) Always start the day with positive thoughts, plans. It might not always go your way, but you don't know that. I over achieved yesterday, scale back some today. Hot, walking early. Enjoy day. Cheers (6 comments) Usually the momma cat I care for is gone by 7am, raining very hard so she was still in her bed at door 7:30. She' beautiful, purrs, rubs against me. But she, Titan won't be housemates. Cheers all. (3 comments) Certificate received for completing my treatment. Split of champagne chilling for lunch with girlfriend. Mornings back to gym,exercise,no more hospital Lets have a great weekend. Cheers (10 comments) Celebrate the last treatment tomorrow. Titan will walk later , I will be at hospital longer, need to see two of my doctors. Will be starting next stage of treatment. It's all workin' out. Cheers (9 comments) Three days radiation ends. After hospital, & walk Titan in park, I come home expecting to get other things done. Usually too fatigued to do more than Spark & rest. Really zaps my energy. Cheers (10 comments) Me this morning. Treatment, park. grocery store, home back to bed. Sleep till 1:30. I've been so tired, know it will get better, stay the course, it ill work out. Cheers. (9 comments) I slept for 3 hrs, feel better, it warmed up so took the tiny terror, out for a walk. The lawn men were doing their thing and it drives Titan crazy, he barks at the lawn mower. So needed to escape. (4 comments) Got treatment, Titan got his park walk, but that was all I could manage so far. On antibiotics for kidney infection. Very tired, hope tomorrow better. Cheers (7 comments) Happy Easter. It's early here in Salem, Or. The sun might shine, the cleansing rain is here. Watched mass from the Vatican. May all my Spark friends have a wonderful day. Cheers, (6 comments) No treatment today, but Dr. visit at 1:00. All's going as planned. Ready for Easter, put the big bunny out, Titan didn't like, barked till I put it away. Funny little dog. Have a great day. Cheers (5 comments) Thank you Friends for your support, it means the world to me. Titan waits for me in his car seat as I get treatment, then we walk in the near park. More tired lately, but it will pass. Cheers all. (7 comments) One week into the 4 week radiation oncology treatment. Well into my routine of hospital then park with Titan. We both come home well exercised , little tired. He sleeps, I putter around. Ha! Cheers (5 comments) I'm doing great today. Slept off, with lots of meds the terrible migraine .Finished todays treatment,walked Titan, did exercises. Stew cooking. Work on jewelry .Call me Super Women, Ha! Cheers (8 comments) Finished the third radiation , feeling good. No side effects. It warmed up, took Titan with me, went to Bush Park, good walk. He's napping now, I might later. Have a great day. Cheers (5 comments) Happy hump day. Start radiation at 2:45 today. Only late day, for next weeks it's 7:15am. Prefer early, hate waiting around.Great night for Hillary. Yeah! Cheers all (6 comments) Salem, Or. capital and grounds. It's rainy till Wed, when the sun will bess us with it's warmth. Have a great day. Cheers (5 comments) Back from gym. Showing my blonder, shorter hair. Easy maintenance/. (3 comments) Ran across this , I'm not Buddhist, but still feel this is what I try to follow.Getting ready for road trip to Reno Nevada to volunteer for Hillary.Titan going too. Have a great day. Cheers (5 comments) 2/10/2016 short hair ash blond color. Needed a change. (3 comments) Both Titan & I are feeling better. My post op was good, no more surgery needed. Chinese New Year, plus Super Bowl, lets party. Have a good one. Cheers (7 comments) Respiratory infection Titan has seems to be under control. He's breathing not as labored. Have a dog sitter for when I go for post op today. I will keep you updated on both our conditions. Take care, (6 comments) Euphoric yesterday changed to a very tired Tisha today.Al I want to do is sleep. Guess it all caught up with me. Recovery going fine. Enjoy the coming weekend. Cheers. (5 comments) Surgery went well. Home by 5:00. Appetite was not there. Probably due to drugs.Titan was like a wind up toy, jumping for joy. Blog later with more info. Thanks for prayers. Love Ya', Tisha (4 comments) Another early appointment, radiation oncologist, Titans wonders why he is left at home. Rain today, walk ?? By afternoon might clear. Have a good day. Cheers (6 comments) Sun,blue sky, almost Spring like. At park with Titan for 2 hours. He was in so happy. Fat asleep now, snoring. Did my pre-op,ready for Wed. surgery.Take a Zanax chill.Cheers (7 comments) Hope all having an enjoyable Saturday. I plan to post an update on condition sometime this weekend. Kinda down today, Gonna rest, there's tomorrow. Cheers (5 comments) Home feeling icky. Hope better in morning. See Dr, Dayton, Oncologist at 8:00am. I'm anxious to get on with the what comes next. Take care friends. Cheers (6 comments) Sore throat just a cold. Dr. said gargle, eat light, it will run it's course. See the oncologist next week. My Dr said prognosis very good. Caught early.Thank you friends for support. Love ya' Tisha (6 comments) Test results were positive. See Doctor to go over options at 4:30. This is a time for reality and smart, informed decisions.Thank you for your support, I'll need all you can give. It's going to be OK, (10 comments) Drinking lemon,honey tea, sucking on the same flavor of Halls for a sore throat. It's one thing or another. Titans cuddled up with me. Biopsy results might be tomorrow. Hope so. Take care, Cheers (6 comments) Have a great Hump Day. I'm laying low .Need to work on my Etsy shop page. I'll probably go out with Titan. But here's how I feel. Cheers (5 comments) After melting ice off car, went for biopsy. Results end of week. More titanium in marker added to my bionic body. Ha! Everything will work out. Love ya' Cheers (8 comments) Update ,2nd mammogram showed mass. Followed by an ultrasound, a definite mass.A biopsy scheduled Jan. 4th. Wanted it sooner, no opening. I'm OK. It will work out. Thanks my friends. Love (8 comments) Pork, sweet potato red curry simmering in crock pot. Made chicken broth to freeze, Off for mammogram. Blood tests, check up yesterday. End of year body tune up.18 days till Xmas eve. Enjoy day. Cheers (5 comments) Xmas party 2015 (4 comments) Lots of running around, shopping, park in between rain showers. Titan comfy in his car seat. Today tired me out, sleep calling. Good night, sweet dreams. T. (3 comments) It was a cool Fall day, Titan has his parka on with hood rolled back, Doesn't like hood. I'm sniffling, sitting cross legged on bed, might cover up to get warm. Burr !! Do your best, Cheers to all.. (1 comments) Nov. 4, 2015 (2 comments) Titan didn't need sweater today. it was warm. But yesterday was cold, windy, so he's wearing his Autumn sweater. Cheers (3 comments) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TITAN. 11 years old. I fixed pork loin for his breakfast with rice, peas. Carrot cake,whip cream. Likes to lick the beaters. Photo at park yesterday. Cheers (6 comments) Hill Tribe Silver, Turquoise ,Labradorite ,Moonstone Nugget on Leather Cord. 7/26/2015 (3 comments) Getting back on schedule. Heat returning, hooked A/C back up. Run errands early, take Titan to park. Made new jewelry, post on my Etsy shop. Enjoy your day, do your best to stay on track. Cheers Heart of Gold, Charms and Gemstone Necklace (2 comments) Boho Chic Gemstones and Leather (1 comments) Summer Delight, long necklace (1 comments) Follow Your Arrow, close up (1 comments) Terquoise Follow Your Arrow (1 comments) Anthro Inspired with Panache Style (1 comments) Lapis, Carnelian,Terquoise Magnesite. Terquoise Chips, Suede with Toggle Clasp 7/14 (2 comments) Up early, thrift shop 11 leather pieces, 175.00 for 22.00. It was $2.00 day. Needed supplies. Designing leather bags, Add to my jewelry shop. Resting foot, stress fracture in arch, Enjoy day, Cheers (1 comments) Cherry Flower Necklace with Earrings (1 comments) Terquoise Tassle Pendant 6/15 Pink Opal Pendant (2 comments) Blue Lapis Red Terquoise Crystal on 32" Chain (1 comments) Terquoise Suede Triple Wrap bracelet (1 comments) Aqua Blue Bead Mix, long or double length (4 comments) (5 comments) Titans a happy little dog, mommy is feeling better and we are going to the park. Better days are here, (1 comments) Striped Agate Necklace (1 comments) Terquoise,coral, copper Boho Necklace (4 comments) Pink Beaded Bobbles Multi Colored Bib Necklace (1 comments) Terquoise Multi Strand Bracelet (1 comments) Terquoise, chain, suede, triple wrap bracelet (1 comments) Terq. ceramic beads,silver chain 3/16/15 (1 comments) Circles of Energy and Mystical Power (2 comments) Southwest Flair (4 comments) Southwest Copper Pendant (2 comments) African Safari (1 comments) Pearls and Gems (1 comments) Rainbow of Color, 8/23/14 (4 comments) Mix od componets, Style I like to do. (2 comments) Seed beads in blue/aqua, large robins egg blue beads, silver chain (6 comments) Red Heart (2 comments) BoHo Southwestern , Turquoise and other natural gem stones with copper pendant. (9 comments) Pretty in Pink, 4/8/14 (10 comments) Self photo, 11/4/14 (10 comments) Jan, 2013, in my new to me Uggs. (7 comments) Titan,Oct. 2012, New Plaid Jacket. New Short haircut. (7 comments) Another more playful pose for People Mag. August ,23, 2012 (12 comments) Head shot, first photo shoot, very hot day. (8 comments) Grandson's Hight School Graduation on a rainy night with parents (3 comments) The difference of 100, then 200 lbs. (11 comments) Me on Xmas eve 2009, 335 lbs. Wearing black to look smaller, Ha! (5 comments) Pretty in pink 5/16/12 (9 comments) Just like Dorthy, I have on my red shoes. 3/28/12 (9 comments) Sir Titan of York, 3/16/12 (6 comments) Courthouse House Athletic Xmas party 12/8/2011 Yes I am wearing all leather. (12 comments) My walking buddy, Titan and I on day 17 of our walling streak. (3 comments) Titan waring his "Biker Dude" leather/fleece vest,snow day 1/15/12 (4 comments) Tisha at 335 lbs Xmas 2009 in the chair, with cane in hand. Daughter, Michelle in front. (8 comments) Tisha at 333 lbs Oct 15 , 2009, before starting on weight loss program. (6 comments) Bundled up against the cold. At the gym, 10/26.2011 (7 comments) New suit, size 10, love the colors. Chocolate brown, greenish dots. 10/25/11 (10 comments) Tisha at Couthouse pool befor water aerobics, 5.17.2011. (7 comments) 4" heels ,9/9/2011. Are they hot or not??? (10 comments) My own design, Ladies who Lunch pins. (9 comments) Tisha modeling in the islands 1986 (3 comments)

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