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(1 comments) (1 comments) Went for a hike today (1 comments) Walked for 35 minutes around McBride Arboretum. I can't wait til the heat & humidity break so I can safely walk longer. This place is gorgeous. (1 comments) Yesterday's walking view. 2.6 miles in 40 minutes Pretty find on my walk today!! This is a pic of the fitness yard @ the local metro park (2 comments) Today's walking view. My walking view from the other day @ Eagle Point. Not long after this shot an eagle flew right over head. (2 comments) Went walking in downtown Milan today. The leaves are beautiful. The house in the pic is the Thomas Alva Edison birth place (1 comments) I just saw this on another sight. They had a tree you could print but since I don't have a printer I drew my own & each day you intentionally exercise you put a sticker on it for decoration. What a beautiful day for a hike!!! It's hard to believe it's December in Ohio (1 comments) This is today's hiking view. The wind was a little wicked @ times but got in 1.25 miles. (1 comments) My walking view from the other day. It was chilly but a great walk. One of the views.from my hiking today. Unusually warm in Ohio but still managed to find a little snow & ice. (1 comments) Yesterday's walking view. I can't believe this winter in Ohio. 60 degrees yesterday. (1 comments) Pic from a walk last week. There is a little ice on lake Erie. This winter hasn't been a typical Ohio winter. Barely any snow where I am. (1 comments) Today's walking view. It got bitterly cold & the snow blew in quickly so I didn't get much of a walk in but I will get in some extra exercise in @ home. (1 comments) Today's hiking view. A really nice day in northern Ohio. today's hiking view. It was a great hike & weather was great until the rain started. Lol is yesterday's hiking view. (1 comments) today's walking view beautiful day @ the park & got to use the outside weight equipment (1 comments) today's walking view. it's a park built @ an old train station. this is one of 2 parks i walk most often because this one is around the corner from my house. today's hiking view. first flowers of the season (1 comments) our metroparks workout area. great walking trails & exercise area to boot. They also have Tuesday night free fitness classes. today's hiking view. saw another sign of spring today a lot of frogs over by the pond jumping in and out. today's hiking view. bluebells bees frogs & turtles. beautiful day!! today's hiking view (1 comments) today's walking view i got to talking @ the MS Walk & forgot to take one there today's hiking view. there is a fox snake in one of the trees. this was a new trail for me & was awesome!!! (1 comments) walked 9.2 miles today & ended the day @ the metroparks campfire program. great way to end a tiring day went on a 2.5 mile hike today. i went on parts of the trais I've never been on before. (1 comments) i went for a walk around one of the small towns near me then on the way home stopped at the arboretum for a walk & stopped at a couple farm markets & ended my day @ my favorite winery. went to Johnson's Island and then climbed the Marblehead lighthouse 77 steps to the top. (1 comments) went to NASA Plumbrook for an open house. Really cool but unfortunately it was really warm & not feeling real great so taking the rest of the day off. (1 comments) parked @ Edison park then walked to the library to see the statue that will be going to DC walked about 3 miles today's walking view 8 + miles & weight training workout plus work today!! i think I'll actually sleep tonight lol (1 comments) climbed up twice!!! down 3 times!!! i got up this side of the reservoir without stopping the other side is steeper & i had to stop twice bit i made it!!!! woo hoo!!!! (1 comments) went for a 2.5 mile walk in the neighborhood this morning but this is part of the walking view for the rest of the day. I went to Civil War Days @ Lyme Village. today's hiking view. I went to Schoepfle garden today & hiked the whole area down by the river through the woods & around the gardens. This little guy was running out of the garden & down to the river Did a short weight training workout then headed home just too hot to hike today. (1 comments) I went to Fallen Timbers Fort Miamis & Fort Meig today. They are all sites from the war of 1812 outside of Toledo. If this is the right pic these are the mounds built @ Fort Miamis I walked up & down Went and jogged laps in the pool for 20 minutes today. That makes twice in the pool this month. Just finished my first 5k my goal was under 50 minutes I finished in 48:53!! The first mile was the fastest mile I've ever done @ 14:08!! I shaved 1:14 off my best mile time!! (1 comments) Dinner tonight all the veggies from the local farm market I walked to today. Yummy!!! Today's hiking view. I got a new Android phone so I have the charity miles app again! The app has 40 charities you can log miles for & a business sponsor will donate. (1 comments) Went & got my hair done today. It's been a couple years. A friend set me up with her hairdresser & surprised me for my birthday by adding a color in addition to the cut. Went & got my hair done today. It's been a couple years. A friend set me up with her hairdresser & surprised me for my birthday by adding a color in addition to the cut. (1 comments) Today's hiking view went to East Harbor State Park (1 comments) Today's walking view from the back of Spiegel Grove. The gate in the pic was once around the White House before coming to the Rutherford B Hayes museum. Today's walking view. Being nerdy at the Rutherford B Hayes museum. It sits on 25 acres with walking trails. (2 comments) Did my first 5k since being sick most of January. It was the slowest I've ever done. I have a lot of work to get back to where I was!! Did a virtual 5k today for Valentine's day. starting to getting my lung strength back did today's 5k in less than an hr!! Can check off all her goals for today!! Here's a pic from my walk today (1 comments) Got in my morning walk in downtown Milan. A chilly mile but still a mile. Home now icing my shoulder go back to work tomorrow. (1 comments) I started this year determined to walk/run 2017 miles. I have found that running bothers my knees and hips but I am 59 miles from my goal!! I'm trying to start up a spark team walk/run 2018. If you ate interested in joining me next year please look up the team!! I'm so glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone and start a spark team. The team name is Walk/Run the year 2018. It is a year long challenge to try to walk/run 2018 miles during the year. If you want to challenge yourself to get in some miles this year please join us!!! Hit 2017 miles this year!!! 11 days to spare!! (3 comments) 1/1/18 before pic Made my focus board last night I've never made a paper copy always on line. I think I will see this one more. (1 comments)

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