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August 2012-- put on a few pounds, but I'm still doing pretty good. August 2012-- Hunger Games Party (1 comments) December 2011 (2 comments) WONDER GIRL!! (3 comments) July 23rd, 2011--- still 40 lbs down! (4 comments) July 23rd, 2011--- still 40 lbs down! (2 comments) A size 10 dress?!?! 6/25/2011 (10 comments) What up?!? (1 comments) ME on top of the tower climb!! (1 comments) Zipline!!!! (4 comments) Full comparison start to now... (5 comments) Comparing side view! (1 comments) I CAN see it... but I really want work on changing the WIDTH of my rear! (1 comments) I am NOT done, but this is May 2010 to ALMOST May 2011.... I still have a ways to go-- but LOOK! (8 comments) Fantastic Sparkers at the Walk for Autism! THIS is how I cook with love!!! (2 comments) Me and Kristina hiking glamorously!! March 23rd, 2011 (5 comments) April 2011 (7 comments) April 8th, 2011..... ALMOST to 185 pounds!!!!! (4 comments) NOT a Rock Climber (1 comments) Amanda, Jenne, Me and Adonis at The Get Your Rear in Gear 5k (March 27 2011) Amanda, Brandyn, Sarah and Myself at the Shamrock Shuffle 5k on March 19th, 2011 (2 comments) Sarah, Kristina, Me and MaryJane at Luminaria (with Sarah's Mr. Bear) March 12th, 2011 (1 comments) Jenne (Buggie1117) and I on March 12th, 2011---- Size 12 pants and a large top! (5 comments) 35 pound change--- what a difference! (3 comments) Will's First 1k! Finished this 5k in 48:30 (2 comments) Me in a size 12 dress!!!!! (11 comments) Me! I can't believe I have lost almost 35 pounds! (3 comments) Very Miss America of me..... (3 comments) Ringing in 2011!!! Don't you LOVE my ensemble??? 2011 is going to be EPIC! (9 comments) Best reasons to be healthy.... (1 comments) The Cheshire and Maliumpkin....... no hiding the fat here! About to go see Lady Gaga! Rude awakening #1-- my Gaga top didn't fit well so I had to substitute. (1 comments) Around 9/27, I could comfortably wear my size 16 jeans again. About 11/20 I started wearing my size 14 jeans again! On 1/12/11 I started wearing size 12 jeans!!!! I can just SO excited!!! My first 5k! (1 comments) Goddess---- we were fed well. Awesome purple Gaga hair! (1 comments) A Day Out With Thomas-- October 1st (1 comments) Rude awakening #2.... motivation. Adonis and I at a wedding... I clean up nice enough. March, 2009 (1 comments) 2/18/09 Feeling good! Jan 09 The whole family, about 10 minutes after birth. (1 comments) 30 weeks pregnant (3 comments) Me! (1 comments) One of our wedding pics... (2 comments) My husband and I... one of our engagment pics.... (2 comments)

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