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My mom 1985 (1 comments) Sydney being coy 5/2011 (3 comments) Victoria making a bracelet 5/2011 (3 comments) Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands My sweetie and me at home during Tulip Time 2013. (3 comments) My desk that my sweetie made plus the printer stand. (1 comments) The Badlands on our 20th wedding anniversary trip (5 comments) Big Horn sheep we saw on our hike through the Badlands August 2015 (3 comments) Devil's Tower - do you remember "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"? No aliens seen in August 2015 (1 comments) Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park - awesome! August 2015 The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, the lower falls. I had to overcome my fear of heights to see this! (1 comments) One must be patient during bison traffic jams! Yellowstone, August 2015 Bull elk just chillin' on a Fort Yellowstone resident's yard. Yes, we were that close. Lake Yellowstone, August 2015 The Grand Tetons, how amazing! They just rise from the plains! You can see a glacier in this picture (1 comments) A deer we spotted on our hike around Taggert Lake, Grand Tetons. She's close to us! Can't resist a second picture of the Tetons - did you know there are BIKE TRAILS there? (1 comments) Arches National Park, Labor Day weekend - not our wisest idea to go then, VERY crowded. On a hike in the Arches NP, can you see the woman at the top of the rock? Heaven's Point, Glacier National Park. Just staggering beauty here. September 2015 Glacier National Park. Seen from the Road to the Rising Sun. Amazing beauty. On the way to Grinnel Glacier. Can you see the three lakes? On the way to Grinnel Glacier. The ram was THAT close. I'm in the background, waiting to climb. Whew! I MADE IT! The glacier's lake, with icebergs, seen here. I was exhausted but happy! Mount Rainier is somewhere up there. Clouds were descending on it. September 2015 Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge. Incredible sight, hiked throughout the Gorge. Another lovely falls we hiked past, Columbia River Gorge. Crater Lake NP. Yes, the lake is THAT blue. It's hypnotic! Another view of Crater Lake as we neared the summit of Mount Scott. And this is where we spent our anniversary - Grand Canyon - incredible beauty! September 2015 A view from one of our hikes down the Grand Canyon. Challenging to climb back up! Our snow from yesterday and today! A peaceful snowfall in our backyard (3 comments) De Zwann windmill in Holland, MI is over 200 years old and it still grinds flour for locals. (2 comments) Fun at Hope College's game against rival Cwlvin College A Soviet MiG-15 at the Air Zoo - so cool to see one! Honey lemon whole wheat bread fresh from the oven! (3 comments) Flowers by our front door (1 comments) The Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University. Yes, that IS a building LOL It's Tulip Time in Holland Michigan! Our new bird feeder with directions for the birds and The Cat (1 comments) A beautiful sunflower that grew from the bird feeder. LOL (1 comments) Another view of our home-made bird feeder! You can see all of the bird feeder, including the Big Lake sign, aka Lake Michigan. Art Prize entry, had to have a picture of it (1 comments) View from the Japanese Garden hill at Meijer Gardens yesterday (1 comments) Looks like a white Christmas to me! LOL (3 comments) Our dogwood tree is in full bloom! So lovely this year. (3 comments) Just a few of the blossoms from our snowball bush 2017 (2 comments) My first attempt at a bookworm Christmas tree. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t drop needles LOL! Victoria playing after the soccer game 3/2010 (2 comments) The Jefferson Memorial framed by cherry blossoms 4/2/10 (2 comments) The National Building Museum, the start for my walk on 4/2/10 (2 comments) This garden is behind the Smithsonian Institute's Castle 4/2/10 (4 comments) Walking through the garden, near the lawn of the Smithsonian Institute's Castle (3 comments) Washington Monument and cherry blossoms 4/2/10 (4 comments) Closeup of cherry blossom trees in Washington DC 4/2/10 (4 comments) Cherry blossom trees along the Tidal Basin, Washington DC 4/2/10 (3 comments) Another view of the cherry blossom trees along the Tidal Basin, Washington, DC 4/2/10 (2 comments) My sweetheart & I in front of our church's Easter Cross 2010 (6 comments) Sydney & Victoria 4/2010 (2 comments) This picture in 1997 showed me how much I had gained! (3 comments) This picture in 2003 really shows how much I had gained! I'm on the left. (1 comments) Here I am at least 30 pounds lighter in 2010, wearing my 1995 biking outfit. (6 comments) Here's another picture of me today 4/28/2010 in my 1995 biking outfit. Big Smile! (5 comments) August 2010 Frankenmuth, Michigan: Can you see the chicken? :) (4 comments) August 2010: Do you think this two are related? BIL and DH! :) August 2010 Mackinaw Island, Michigan: Awww, what a sweet face! My DH and friend. (2 comments) August 2010 Mackinaw Island, Michigan: Scenic overlook of Lake Huron. (2 comments) Living Christmas Tree 2009 (2 comments) Easter 2011 (3 comments) The Living Cross, Easter 2011 (1 comments) My sweetheart and me with the hills of western Virginia September 2009 (11 comments) Granddaughter Victoria (2 comments) Me & the Love of My Life (7 comments)

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