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My new raised vegetable bed. #1 (3 comments) My new raised vegetable bed #2 (2 comments) I am getting into the holiday spirit, with baking cookies, making fudge, and listening to Christmas music. :) We had a blast with the caroling party. Everyone enjoyed the fun activity, and the food and beverages. I am so glad we had it. (1 comments) I am relaxing after the Christmas excitment. My fur-kids love their Christmas gift. :) (1 comments) What a cold day this is turning out to be! We are getting a bunch of snow... 20 cm of it, dumped on us today! Oh joy! The poor birdies are having to dig for their food... :( (1 comments) Happy Saint Patricks Day everyone! Remember to wear green. I am. ;) (1 comments) I am getting things ready for a Potluck BBQ we are hosting for Canada Day. I hope everything goes well. :) I enjoyed a fun day, looking at peoples gardens. :) The Lord God is wonderful! He has blessed me greatly with friends, and provides for my needs. Praise be to God! :) This is the day that the lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it! :) The Joy of the Lord, is my strength! :) I admit it. I tend to pamper my kitties, and over feed them. I think I need to put a couple of them on a diet tho, and get them onto some kind of exercise program. They are starting to look like this. I have been busy dehydrating vegetables. I plan to use these for soups. I am overwhelmed... A friend from over seas very kindly, sent me some money to help us buy cat food for our strays that we feed. I am deeply touched. God is great! I had a friendly morning time visitor, greet me on my front deck today. :) LOL It sure distresses me, when I see people behave in ways that display prejudiced behaviour... such racist remarks, or putting down of people due to their race or religion, is toxic to the soul... I am blessed. Every day that I wake up, I am blessed! 2 of my friends helped me clean my shed that I have for the stray critters, and I went uptown and bought food for the strays, with some money a kind friend sent. God is great! :) (1 comments) I am so excited that we have a new government and leader! Hallelujah! God bless Canada! The next few days are going to be tough for me. My grandma is nearing the end of her life. I am visiting her every day, while I can still do so. Please pray for us. HUGS (2 comments) My family is in mourning... My Grandma passed away earlier today... (2 comments) Today, Mom and I are making an effort, to enjoy every free entertainment activity that we can go to. This time around, we are going to enjoy Christmas! (2 comments) Wow! What a crazy day I had shopping today. People sure go crazy around Christmas time. I am glad that I decided to simplify things this year. I can relax knowing I now have things done. :) I hope everyone is enjoying a Merry Christmas. May the joy of this blessed season, embrace us all. Thank God for my kitties. They sure can make me smile, even when I am drowning from tears. My fur-kids are the best. I am enjoying a quiet Sunday, cuddling and playing with my fur-kids. My kitties are my babies. Since I never was blessed with the 2 legged type, I love them just as much as I would human ones. :) I made a special meal for Mom today, since it was her birthday. We had lamb chops, curried cabbage, and potstickers. It turned out very yummy. we had a nice day. For Valentines Day, I stayed at home today, cuddling my kitties. Now this is peaceful. (2 comments) I have been trying all sorts of recipes, using homemade biscuit dough. I am amazed at what biscuit dough can make. :) (2 comments) I wonder how people would react, if I started wearing a veil or head covering at church or when I go to pray, as women are instructed to, in the Bible? (1 Corinthians 11:5) (3 comments) Well, my first confession is behind me. Now tonight... RCIA class. I just have 2 more classes, and then I will be confirmed. (1 comments) YAY! Lent is over, and I can have coffee again! Happy Easter everyone! I had a lovely time at Easter Mass this morning. Earlier, I had been invited to join in the choir, and today I was blessed to be allowed to sing with the choir, for the glory of God. I am hoping and praying, that this crazy weather does not damage the buds on our fruit trees... Tipper as Robin Hood. 2013 Good Friday Passover Feast at The Dryden Mission (1 comments) Part of the Passover Feast on Good Friday (1 comments) This is a photo of the raised garden bed that I built for mom. (1 comments) Inside the raised garden bed that I made. (1 comments) Our newest fur-baby... Maggie. (1 comments) Our Sparkie kitty. (1 comments) I did some Christmas baking. (1 comments) Bobbing for apples at our Canada Day Block Party 2013 Pat bobbing for apples... (2 comments) Bubble blowing contest at the Canada Day Block Party 2013. Here is a group of us that participated at the Canada Day Block Party for 2013. The Mayor of Dryden, Mr. Craig Nuttall stopped by for the Canada Day Block Party on 2013. Even the adults enjoyed having their faces painted at the Canada Day Block Party 2013. Even the adults enjoyed having their faces painted at the Canada Day Block Party 2013. My Tippers Halloween Costume 2012. (1 comments) Tippers Halloween Costume 2013 (Robin Hood) (1 comments) The one that God took from me. (6 comments) If only I could get out, I could roll in all that lovely grass. (4 comments) My lazy boy (1 comments) Mom's new kitten Peanut (2 comments) The three stooges of the cat world (2 comments) Pretty Sarah (3 comments) Oscar looking cute and cuddly (3 comments) Oscar in box (1 comments) Sarah Vanila and Rumball (3 comments) Grama and Mom Noble (3 comments) My Mom (1 comments) Casper in sink (2 comments) Casper and Oscar Casper Oscar and Tipper (1 comments) My Baby Boy Tipper (4 comments) My little piggy My Baby's Photo ID (3 comments) Frankie made the front page Candies, cookies, pukebowl... All set to party! My Little Boy Tipper representing my struggles... I am a cancer survivor and I am legally blind... (1 comments) Tipper in his new jammies. He tends to get cold at night, since his fur is very short. (15 comments) Tipper in his new sweater. I keep a few sweaters around for days that are extra cold. (3 comments) I was just having a bit of fun with a new photo editing program I discovered. (1 comments) I love to cook using my crock-pot. Sadly slow cooking is becoming a lost art. (4 comments) So many people have forgotten how to bake bread. I love exploring the old traditional bread recipes. (2 comments)

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