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Halloween 2014 - I can finally fit back into my leather jacket! (192 lbs) (5 comments) wishes all my American friends a Happy 4th of July! (3 comments) My son Jesse on his Graduation Day from Jr College 2013 Me and Jesse on his graduation day May, 2013 (2 comments) First step is admitting you have a problem Ü "Before Pic" March 2011 (230 lbs) (5 comments) Me and my son! Think this was 2010. Prob'ly about 175/180 then. (2 comments) This was me around 10 yrs ago - around 155 lbs and I thought I was fat then! What I wouldn't give! (5 comments) This is my new scale - thought I might need to read these things before I step on it. (3 comments) A rose from my garden. (1 comments) My Baby Belle Starr :-) (2 comments) Be the sculptor - expose the real you by carving away the bits that don't belong on you! Ready for Battle! Je Suis Prest! (1 comments) I Believe! (2 comments) This isn't my lab, but it looks just like her - in front of a fireplace instead of a stove. (2 comments) KIRSTIE ALLEY Oct 2011 - Wow! 60 yrs old is looking good! Ü My abs used to look like this and they will again! The most beautiful women in the world don't stay that way by eating junk! I will have arms like this one day! Consistency is the key! Yoga is not for wimps! Can't wait 'til I can hold this pose. "Try not! Do or do not. There is no try." I have a bracelet I wear daily with this quote. Thin girl trapped in a fat body! Curves are a good thing! (2 comments) I wanna be a Super Hero! Inspiration! Last set! You can do this!!

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