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I love red. Size L, even though I'm a Medium. I can't part with it. 7/12/10 (86 comments) Me. I love this pic. (68 comments) (1 comments) My new blog - www.thejigglybits.com (15 comments) Hi, my name is Runner. I like to wrestle shoe strings, unravel toilet paper and torture my siblings. (28 comments) says Tuesday step count = 16,009. Have a fab day! (6 comments) says foot operation tomorrow at 7;30. Thought I'd make my toes pretty first :) (22 comments) Sleepy Kitty. (9 comments) Feet in the garden. I have no idea what I spilled on my feet. Hm... (9 comments) says yay, I'm alive! The foot operation went well. Can't wait to get back to walking - on both feet :) XO (22 comments) says hope you had a great Halloween! Boo :) (6 comments) says warm day + November = time to put up some Christmas lights! (8 comments) says can't believe I got Dakota to wear this hat?! LOL. This is what your cat looks like when they are plotting revenge. 1 cat down, 2 to go... (7 comments) says got Scout to wear the Santa hat too. She just didn't run fast enough... This is what your cat looks like when they are disappointed in you... 2 cats down, 1 to go... (9 comments) says finally got my kitten, Runner, to wear the Santa hat. Not easy. He definitely lives up to his name. Merry Christmas!!! I'll be on the patio reading... XO (10 comments) day 3 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 3/5/2016 day 10 of my streak for "Log in and spin the SparkPoints wheel" earned 9/27/2016 5' 9", 178.4 on 6/30/10. Me, my garden and a cotton summer dress. Gotta love a maxi dress :) (82 comments) 179.8. I love dresses now. Fun, fun ;) Size L. 6/14/10 (34 comments) 179.8. What a blast :) 6/14/10. (24 comments) 5' 9 " and 183.4 - the halfway point! 5/31/10 Hey y'all :) (74 comments) The halfway point 5/31/10. Ain't no stopping us now! We're on the move! Movin' and groovin'. (20 comments) 186 lbs. 5'9" and rocking it! 5/17/10. (60 comments) That's right. I mean business. 94 days and rockin' the progress. (49 comments) Gotta love those pictures in the work bathroom mirror. Look ma - I have muscles. (27 comments) (200-215 lbs.) Me, Whoopi Goldberg (from the Wax Museum) in Times Square. 2002. (20 comments) Me. Having a good day. (btw. 185 - 190) (51 comments) 180's. Size 13/14. [4 years ago] I just love this background. Got my hair did too :) (62 comments) Size 13/14. 5'9". 180's [4 years ago] ... I love blue. (30 comments) (18 comments) My cat, Dakota, and his favorite hobby (29 comments) Bleedings Hearts (27 comments) Crocosmia - Emily Mackenzie (24 comments) Driveway garden (4 comments) Backyard side garden (12 comments) Front porch garden (9 comments) Backyard garden (15 comments) Whole backyard - kind of... (22 comments) Front side garden (3 comments) Stonehenge. England. 2002. (26 comments) Love my Lantana (38 comments)

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