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Both of my boys, Alter Serving. God bless. (2 comments) My boys & I enjoy a hot chocolate after a morning swim. (2 comments) Jan. 2012 My Cubs (2 comments) Feb 2012 - My beautiful Sister and I (4 comments) (1 comments) 10-20-2013 PapaBear & Me on a nature walk this Fall (2 comments) Happy 4th of July! God bless! (1 comments) Papabear & I at the beach. August 2014 12/2014 My family at Christmas this year (1 comments) (1 comments) 5/23/2015 - My boys!!! Love them so much! I'm a Mom of two High Schoolers... a Freshman & the other a Senior! That's Crazy! (hee hee) (1 comments) Happy birthday to my oldest cub today! September 2015 - Papabear & I Papabear & I in the backyard (2015). (1 comments) Christmas 2015 (2 comments) Happy birthday to my Teddy today! (yes, I'm crazy, hee hee) Easter 2016 Happy 20 year wedding anniversary to my husband/Pappbear today! Thank-you for all these years and the years to come! Love you!!! (1 comments) Happy National TEDDY BEARS Day!!! Gotta Love those bears (and all stuffed animals ~ Wink)! Happy 43rd wedding anniversary to my parents today, but also happy birthday to one of my favorite TeddyBears (wink). Love them all! 4-3-2010 My boys ready for Easter mass. Happy Easter! (1 comments) 4-4-09 My boys with the Easter Bunny at Van Otis. Happy Thanksgiving! (2 comments) (1 comments) 7-25-08 On the Kancanagus Highway. (my FAT picture... GROSS!!!) (1 comments) My husband and I when we were dating (1994) (3 comments) My husband and I at his brother's wedding. (1 comments) Me, my mommy, & sister on Mother's day (2 comments) 12-?-1978 Missy and Mommy (1 comments) Memere at my wedding (June 8, 1996) (3 comments) Memere on the back porch enjoying a snack Wish I looked like this again! My goal! (3 comments) 12-?-1978 Me at 2 years old (with Teddy) at Memere's house Me (in blue) and my sister at our birthday party Happy Birthday Jesus! My support group!!! (1 comments) (1 comments) "I'm here when you need me ZachiePoo!" - love Giada (2 comments) Tom is the man! (1 comments)

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