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'nuff said... (2 comments) this is the most i've lost with sparkpeople to date...i'm GOING to go ALL. THE. WAY. DIG THAT. (4 comments) Dig it. (3 comments) YUP. (3 comments) (2 comments) I could not agree more... (1 comments) 'Member dat... (3 comments) Me...Now. (4 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments) Me now... Look! Cheekbones galore! And DIMPLES!!! (2 comments) (2 comments) THIS. is feeling this... (1 comments) This. (1 comments) My best friend sent this to me yesterday. It's never too late to start living, I suppose. (1 comments) I made on the fitness minute board for a few of my Spark teams! What a great Monday surprise! Go me! (1 comments) One foot in front of the other...day after day. UnTIL. I am currently wearing a pair of capri pants I haven't been able to wear since last summer. (4 comments) This. (2 comments) Cuz, well...I am. (3 comments) I can think of worse reasons... (2 comments) So true! Happy weekending! This cracked me up! Have a great, good-choices filled day! (1 comments) Change...not always easy but sometimes necessary. I'm just enjoying doing me. Wrapped up my 5k Your Way Walk/Jog program today...two words-- (1 comments) is feeling this pic... I just keep visualizing what I want. (2 comments) I can't believe how sore I am from yesterday's yard work! WHOA! Yup. I believe it *is*!!! It's nice to be fitting back into my men's medium t-shirts. Almost. So close I can taste it. Changing the outside to match who I am on the inside one day at a time... Hope you are too! Yup. (1 comments) I plan to... So true! The time is now. (1 comments) It's a new day. And so is tomorrow and the day after that. See how this works? is I need one. (2 comments) Happy Mother's Day Sparkfriends! Remember to pamper yourself! (1 comments) Monday Motivation... (1 comments) I think it's important not to take ourselves *too* seriously as we travel our respective journeys. As you can see, I have no problems in this department. LOL! Happy Hump Day SparkPeeps! (2 comments) Yeah I get but I definitely feel more sore than sexy today...*grin* Of course you don't have to take *my* word for it... (1 comments) Check, check ANDDDD check! LOL! (2 comments) Bring it Monday. Bring. It. It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it. Might as well be me. *grin* (1 comments) And either is a worthy goal. ;-) Truth. (1 comments) I mean, let's face it--one can never have too many minions. Right? LOL! Have a great Hump Day! A coworker brought the Klondike bars in to celebrate her birthday. Get thee from me, Satan! “Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t. Start loving yourself for everything that you are.” ~Unknown Took a nice stroll at work...Dang, my campus is gorgeous! (3 comments) My crazy is my favorite part! Happy Sunday SparkPeeps! (3 comments) Working on it. My goal is to get a little better every day. GRRRR!!! Bring it! (1 comments) If sweat is fat crying, then I made mine sob uncontrollably. LOL! (1 comments) Mission. Accomplished. Yup. (1 comments) Believe. (1 comments) PLUS--it's Friday!!! (1 comments) Today I choose sore. Yes.you.do. All it takes is a little practice. It is totally within you. (1 comments) I'm looking atCHU. (1 comments) Gonna jes leave this riiiiighttttt here... (1 comments) Sho' do! Heyyyy Friday! Wus up gurl?! (1 comments) And this journey is no exception. (1 comments) Happy Monday SparkPeeps! (2 comments) I'll be gentle. LOL! This has been your self-love PSA. YAYYYYY FOR FRIDAYS! Rock this weekend SparkPeeps! (1 comments) Getting started a little late for my Done Girl Dance-a-Thon but starting nonetheless... (2 comments) And the successes are many, even if they aren't always visible. Like looser clothes, increased energy and flexibility or glowing skin. (1 comments) And time is gonna pass regardless so why not do something productive while we wait? It's the only way. (1 comments) Even the hard parts. That's where the character building happens. Happy Friday SparkPeeps! If it's going to be, it's up to me. It is its own reward. Secret's out!!! (2 comments) Note to self indeed. (1 comments) For the long haul, because it's not a race... Truth. Hmmm...kinda like our weight loss journey. Life is too short (and precious) to beat ourselves up over mistakes. Seriously, being yourself is about the coolest thing you can be. (1 comments) Good morning!! I'm just glad it's Wednesday. Note to self... (1 comments) Never. Ever. (1 comments) You're your own DJ so pick a new playlist and keep on dancing. Word. I hope you are too! Happy Friday Spark fam! Best.reminder.evah. So true! Good morning! (1 comments) Great advice! Take a break if you must but keep.going. (1 comments) Working on it. (1 comments) Yup. September--I'm coming for ya... (1 comments) Get lost in a song, a pretty view or somebody's smile. You owe it to yourself. (1 comments) (7 comments) We are capable. (1 comments) Remember that. (2 comments) And so do you! Have a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend SparkFam!!! (2 comments) Today's impromptu weigh-in brought to you by the word: Everyday brings new opportunities. (1 comments) I may be traveling for work but I am still making my workouts happen! WOW! How cool is that?! Eleven days in and I'm already at 455 minutes of exercise. When did THAT happen!? Plus they help me do amazing things. You got this. Today--not tomorrow. Tomorrow's not guaranteed. (1 comments) I am more than a number on the scale. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding. That never happened. Laughter heals. (1 comments) One day at a time. Me shopping last night...LOL!!! (2 comments) Words to live by... And stop worrying about what other folk think. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it. #thestruggleisreal 'Member dat! Even though it's Monday. LOL! I am. (1 comments) LMAO! What ever works!!! What's up Monday?! Everyday. (1 comments) Focusing on the things I *can* control. Like my attitude. (1 comments) It's important. (2 comments) It's still kinda sexy though--LOL. (2 comments) #truth (1 comments) Doing you is the new sexy. (1 comments) Sometimes you simply have to roll with it. Working on keepin' it simple. (1 comments) It will be *so* worth it. Sometimes positivity is all we've got in this crazy world. (1 comments) Sexy is a state of mind. LOL! We've all had those days, Easier said than done but well worth the effort. My happiness on my terms.. (1 comments) In a nutshell... (1 comments) Like today for instance--LOL! Happy Monday! We got this--one workout, one healthy meal, one stretch at a time. I keep tryin' a tell people... #truth (1 comments) This. 1000 times. This. Stop it. The rewards will be worth it. LOL! LOL! So true! Rinse. Repeat. (1 comments) You are one. (1 comments) That being said, self, you bettah bring it! And I'm worth it. (2 comments) Besides, in the end, your opinion is the only one that matters. Yep! (1 comments) Let's do this! (4 comments) #truth (2 comments) With everything going on in the world right now, today's goal is to calm my spirit. (2 comments) Or whatever it is *you* do. In other words--do you. (1 comments) Remember that. Everyday. Serenity now. (2 comments) My goal is to keep moving forward. (1 comments) So be happy with the skin you're in. Better. Always better. So be sure to tell *those* voices to knock it off!! (1 comments) Don't be afraid of the holiday season. BWAH! I wish! (1 comments) And so are you. (1 comments) Not that it matters--both will work. LOL! (2 comments) Take care of yourselves. And one another. (1 comments) Every bit of this... Everything you can't necessarily see! (1 comments) (1 comments) Whatever you do, don't sweat the small stuff. Believe me, there will be plenty of bigger stuff. #truth HAPPY FRIDAY!!! (1 comments) Do you. (1 comments) Holla!!! (1 comments) And not just today either. You never know where life may be taking you. I cannot stress this enough! (1 comments) Do everything with your heart. Even in the chaos life sometimes hands us. My new mantra... (1 comments) (2 comments) Live it. Here's to an amazing 2016--for all of us! (1 comments) Yes. Let's. (1 comments) So don't! Happy Friday SP fam!! (2 comments) Not sure what lifetime miles are but it must be cool. (1 comments) I am choosing now. When you don't do laundry and go for that "back of the drawer" pair of underwear that now fits... What an awesome MLK weekend! (1 comments) You have *so* got this. (1 comments) Scream it--now. (1 comments) Although I'm proud to say I have resisted all the junk in the office lately. Yay me! Happy weekending!!! (1 comments) No looking back. (1 comments) Take the best and leave the rest--things, people, whatever. Whatever happened yesterday--stays there. Neat!!! HAHAHAHA! Truth! Progress not perfection. Working on it. (1 comments) Always and in all things. Life's too short to not have dessert. Yup! And you are beautiful YOU. (1 comments) LOL! (1 comments) The bling from my first virtual race! (2 comments) True. Bring it Hump Day! We always have a choice. Keep 'em guessing. Happy Friday SP fam!!! (1 comments) Always. Feeling grateful... (1 comments) Have a great day! (1 comments) Believe it! 30 minutes on the stationary bike done!!! Everyday. Happy weekending! Shaking off the Monday blahs as we speak... Changing my mindset one day at a time. Lesson #3025: learning to be comfy with the skin I'm in. Every bit of this. Doesn't seem like much but I was excited to get this trophy!! (1 comments) Today is day 5 of my mile-a-day streak. Whatever each of us is doing--just.keep.doing.it. Happy Saturday SP fam! (1 comments) Have a great Sunday! Almost there!!! NSV's rule! First and foremost...Happy Hump Day! (1 comments) Weekend's almost here! It's in the not giving up that progress is made. Just to name a few. Happy Monday! Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Everything starts with loving ourselves first. Every.thing. I just have to keep reminding myself. A number on the scale doesn't define who we are. Have an outrageously awesome Friday Sparkfam! This is me not taking life too seriously. LOL Yes! Blergh... (2 comments) One and a half workdays til I start my vacation! Let's do this! (1 comments) Vacation starts today in t-minus 6 hrs and 10 minutes. Cue happy dance in 5-4-3-2... (1 comments) And never stop doing any of these. Gentle reminders to get up and get your sweat on. LOL Enjoy life--no matter where you are in your journey to better health. And so are you. Do whatcha gotta do! It's the best thing you can be. Don't let your fears keep you from putting one foot in front of the other. Yup. We.got.this. Keep going! Never. Ever. NSV #480--putting your jeans on right out the dryer and have them be loose on you. Hell yeah I'll take it! One minute, hour, day at a time. Stop it. Right now. Oh--and happy Friday! Me when I see a pair of running shoes I like...Oh c'mon! I'm know I'm not the only one!!! LMAO! 'Nuff said. lol Nope. Eff the scale. --Me (1 comments) Let's! One inch, one pound at a time. We can do this. TGIF! Enjoy the journey. And life is too damn short. Live it. (1 comments) Slow.down. (1 comments) Me when I found out the jeans I ordered are a size too big...LOL Getting it done. Right?! (1 comments) No.matter.what. Not gonna sweat my weigh-in this AM. I am *not* my number on a scale. Besides, I just ordered smaller jeans. Take *that* scale! is (1 comments) Finally got my bling from my last virtual race!!! (1 comments) A sub-15-minute mile? You betchur ass I'll take it!!! Happy Friday!!! This. When you have been in a slump and are finally starting to feel like your old self again... And that's how I'm feeling today. Hope are you too--more sexy than sore, though. LOL! Don't think about how far you have to go. Instead, think of how far you've *come*. You can do this. (1 comments) Repeat daily. Now. #tshirtgoals (2 comments) Whatever you waiting for--don't. (1 comments) Lose yourself in nature. Good morning!! (3 comments) And guess what? You're an adorable badass too. This. A question for the ages! Have a great weekend! I stopped worrying about the destination a while ago. Today was a great day! Hope you had a great day too! Pretty much. How badly do we want it? Happy almost Friday!!! LOL Positivity. Don't forget all the in between goals! Like getting to a point where you can paint your own toes again! That is major!! (1 comments) I see you Monday!! (1 comments) Yup! (1 comments) TGIF!!! Pretty sure this is my first time!!! (1 comments) More of this please. Words to live by. Not bad... Now *you* say it. So let your vibe shine. Just part of the journey... And there never will be... (1 comments) Despite what may be going on in the world... It's all about the journey. Embrace it. EFF the scale. Yeah, I said it. LOL (1 comments) Occasionally. LOL Yes indeedy! No point doing this thing if you aren't going to enjoy the ride. Hope you are enjoying a safe holiday weekend! Everyday. 'Nuff said. Happy Hump Day! We are ALL responsible. It starts with and everyone of us. #truth (1 comments) This. (1 comments) You can choose. My journey and where I'm at is mine and mine alone. (1 comments) Trust me. Works wonders. Happy Friday, fam! Yup. Free to be me. What happens in Amazon Prime, stays in Amazon Prime. Happy Hump Day! Self acceptance--where you are, right now going forward. TGIF!! (1 comments) Whatever it is that you're doing--don't quit. Everyday if necessary. Be fierce. 'Nuff said. Because *you* deserve it. The.end. Everyday. You can do anything, BE anything. This. All.day.long. Be bold. Happy Friday. (1 comments) Happy weekending! HAHAHAHA! Right. Starting right now. Good morning!!! (1 comments) Make it rain! This. Yup. Live rebelliously. Rinse. Repeat. Happy Hump Day! TGIF SparkFam! Happy weekending! Yup. So live. Have a great week! Happy hump day!!! (1 comments) Maybe it's time to refocus. Starting right.now. (1 comments) Lol! I saved this 9 months ago. So far, it hasn't been too far off. Done and done! (1 comments) Never been so glad to see Friday... :) Damn right. (2 comments) I've got that "stay weird" part down pat. Happy hump day! Every day brings new opportunities. This. (1 comments) Your journey is yours and yours alone. But you don't have to travel by yourself. Every.bit.of this. One minute, hour, day at time. Cuz I'm making it happen. Whenever possible. Work them. Or pretty much anything after a workout. (1 comments) So remember to love yourself. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Happy Tuesday SparkFam!! (1 comments) Never doubt that. (1 comments) But I already know you got this. Happy Friday SparkFam! Sho' nuff! Happy 2nd Monday! LOL! is feeling grateful (1 comments) We can do anything. I can hardly believe it! (1 comments) (1 comments) True that. This. And it is happening with or without us. (1 comments) Be unapologetically you. Yup. Day 1--done! Coming for you day 2! This. Flaws and all. YASSS... Embrace the journey. If not, stop what you're doing and say something nice to yourself. Like you mean it--LOL! #truth Yes, YOU. You are brace. You are brave. Feeling unbelievably grateful. Thank you for all the love and support over the years Spark fam! This. All. Day. Happy Monday! (2 comments) So do it. TGIF Spark fam!!! We got this. Have a great weekend! (1 comments) Stop it right now. :) (1 comments) So be fabulous instead!! Happy Hump day! So just start. Happy Friday! The end. Rock it. (1 comments) No one will ever love you more than you do. (2 comments) Sometimes we simply need to get out of our own way. Happy Hump Day! (1 comments) Unconditionally. In all your "you" glory. Lol! Positive vibes. Happy Holidays Sparkfam!! (1 comments) Prepping mindset in 3-2... (1 comments) Words to live by. Besides, I want to be fit, athletic and curvy. Give yourself the gift of self-love today. Merry Xmas Sparkfam! Just like that! Hope everyone enjoyed theirs! (1 comments) Besties... Yup! Pretty much how it went down! LMAO!!! And a badass woman. What do you see? Me already deciding to make 2017 my bitch... (2 comments) It's just about doing me. Happiness is working from home. (1 comments) #tbt (2 comments) Yup. Me lately: No more waiting. Word. You got this I'm sure of it. Time to start living them. Have a great Sunday! (1 comments) Happy Monday! Love this. Yup. This. Beacsuse you are. Incredible, that is. Sometimes a gurl just wants bacon. LOL! Happy Monday y'all!!! (2 comments) The mind is a powerful thing. In the end, YOU are all that you've got. You are beautiful just the way you are. No matter where you are on your journey, be your most authentic self. #lifegoals Let's make this last day of the month count!! You have *so* got this. (1 comments) One step at a time. It's the only way to be. Plus it's Monday. Always bet on yourself. Totally can't say this enough! So glad it's Friday!!! (1 comments) This. Alll day. Happy Sunday! We have to treat ourselves with love and respect also. Otherwise, how can we expect others to? (1 comments) Happy Valentine's Day, SparkFam!!! 50 minutes of turbo jam done!!! No more waiting for life! Starting from wherever you are now... Create your own story. Besides, we're worth it. Happy Friday! Mhmmm... Happy Sunday! And whatever positive things your heart desires. Seize the day! Another day for unlimited opportunities! Totally me these days! Happy Thursday! Almost there! Happy Sunday! Another Monday--another day of unlimited opportunities. (1 comments) Yeahhh...kinda don't want to get up today. Lol! Happy Tuesday! Yup!!! Trying to find little ways to make magic an everyday thing... (1 comments) Eating healthy: Happy Sunday!!! I am finding joy at just being me--at every point in this journey. Happy International Women's Day! Happy Friday? Happy weekending! This goes for pretty much everything in life. Everyday. Half way there! Happy weekending!! Posted a photo I'm worth it. What is *your* why? Better late than never! So kick fear in the teeth. Wanted French fries for dinner last night. Had healthy scramble instead. And you can too. Happy Friday Sparkfam! Had 3 servings of veggies at lunch! Had 3 servings of veggies at lunch! Had 3 servings of veggies at lunch! Had 3 servings of veggies at lunch! Had 3 servings of veggies at lunch! Had 3 servings of veggies at lunch! Had 3 servings of veggies at lunch! How eating healthy feels sometimes... Happy Monday! Picture yourself 3, 6, 9 months from now. What does that look like? Have a great Friday and an amazing weekend! Happy Sunday SparkFam! Good morning! Another day--another opportunity to treat myself well. We can all find at least one, right? Have a great day! Everyday. For a great day: Happens. Happy Monday anyway!!! LOL! It's almost almost Friday, y'all!!! And today is no exception. Every.day. In every way possible... Kick fear in the teeth. Awesomeness guaranteed... Don't wait. There's no place like home. Trust the process. Have a beautiful day. This. Everyday. :) Me, myself and I... And I'm not necessarily talking about looks either...Happy Friday! Something "wise" I said once...Today I would amend that to "Why wait?" You can be whoever you want--starting right.now. I think this pic sums up journey to a healthy lifestyle perfectly. Start today. (1 comments) Bringing it with 90 minutes of intervals on the stationary bike this AM! How did *you* bring it this morning?!? (1 comments) Yup (1 comments) Took me awhile to grasp this... Keep being amazing. Keep. Going. (1 comments) You choose. Go me!!! I'm not entirely sure how some of this happened but I'll take it! Current mood: Current mood: I choose to believe. A 5-mile hike yesterday. Today I finally get around to unpacking in earnest. I swear, today. LOL I'm through waiting. Everyday. #selfcare Yup.Still at it. LOL! Self care. Always. Just a friendly reminder. Happy Tuesday! #gratitude I can do this. You can do this. We can do this. Everyone of them. Because you can. When I'm at the gym... Yup. One day at a time. Challenge yourself. Happy Hump Day! I'm worth it. Word. Took this picture yesterday on my way to job #2. It may have been early & I may have to work extra hrs occasionally to live life on my terms but then you get handed moments like this. #gratitude Me yesterday. Ha! Happy Thursday Sparkfam!! Happy Friday y'all!!! (2 comments) Me at HIIT kickboxing: HAHAHAHA! Seriously cannot get enough of these memes! I know they have been around a while but they crack me up! :D Which is the best thing I could possibly be... Quitting is NOT an option. Happy Friday, Sparkfam! HAHAHAHA! Yup. Be phenomenally you. Daily. You are stronger than you think. Yesterday ain't got nothing to do with today. Gratitude. Happy Monday! No one can do you. Remarkable you. Never underestimate yourself. Nothing like a few well-placed words of encouragement! LOL! (1 comments) Seize it! And so is yours. In fact, slam the door on the old ways. And every day, I do this just a little bit more. If not, you can start right now. :) is doing alright this fine Hump Day! (1 comments) Don't quit!!! Find ways to blossom EVERY day. Every day is full of new opportunities. Seize them. Whatever your best looks like today--do that. :) I may fall down on the way--as long as I keep going. Are YOU ready? Happy Sunday! (1 comments) Left one on the stationary bike this morning--LOL! I choose me. Profoundly beautiful. And so are you. TGIF!!! Happy weekending! Grateful for another day... Bust through those comfort zones! These days it's less about the scale and more about how I feel. childhood forts--an exercise in "character building" (2 comments) two of my favorite "cartoon" characters...hoops-n-yoyo (2 comments) Me on a good day (1 comments) Me on a BADDDD day... (1 comments) (1 comments) working on finding mine... live with purpose... (1 comments) me (C), the beloved EX (yep STILL beloved) & long-time friends B-4 the weight "creep-back" xmas 2007 during my previous weightloss excursion (2 comments)

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