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The prettiest thing! (1 comments) I will be this. Longer and darker now! November 2011 Oct '11- Kyle and after a canyon run. Trying to be fit, but not watching cals. Current- Fall 2011 Approx. 155 lbs AFTER! September 2011 Dirty Dash (before we were covered in mud!)- September 2011 8.7.11- As you can see, I go in fits and starts. There was some improvement here. 8.7.11 8.7.11 My niece, Zaylie. June 2011 Utah Valley Half Marathon- #2 (June 2011)- I like this outfit for running, okay? ;) Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay- June 2011 November 2010 BYU Homecoming- October 2010 Halloween Half- October 2010 (My first!) New summer do :) May 2009 (2 comments) 145 (mid March 2009) Feeling proud of the difference from "before" photo! (3 comments) 3.19.09- 145 pounds (1 comments) 3.18.09- 145 pounds 3.18.09- 145 pounds (1 comments) 3.18.09- my "goodbye" photo collection :) 3.18.09- 145 pounds 3.18.09- I naturally have a flat stomach. Now those love handles are another story! (2 comments) 3.18.09- want more tone!!! Making the Cut, here I come!!! (1 comments) 3.18.09- 145 pounds 3.18.09- 145 pounds 3.18.09- 145 pounds (2 comments) 3.18.09- my heinous thighs...I know, negative self talk... (1 comments) 3.18.09- my backside in all its glory haha 3.18.09- here is my problem area. Any great moves to try PLEASE let me know! That's why I posted! (2 comments) Before- I really wish I knew my weight here. I am guessing 151. Fall of 2008. My lovely little sisters- Disney World, Thanksgiving 2008 Little sister's wedding day (December 2007- I had gained a LOT of weight in the past 6 months or so) Me under goal weight...which I wouldn't mind either! (around 132) Summer 2007 A good time/good weight in my life. Watching the fireworks :) Summer 2007 I love to hike! (Spring 2007) (1 comments) the fam- Christmas 2006 I think! 136 pounds- January 2007 (almost the smallest I have been in the last 6 years!) Jamie Eason. An inspiration in every way. Genuine, adorable, encouraging. LOVE her! Lindsay Messina- Fitness Competitor (beautiful in every way!)

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