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This photo was taken in 2009. This photo was taken in 2004. My sis (and best SparkPeople buddy) and me at my college graduation (1993). Les: my hubby, and bestest life partner! He makes me feel special at any weight! Me & my daughter in 2000. Between 1998 and 2007, I gained 50 lbs! 40 of those were gone by 2009. Me & my hubby at our New Year's Party, 12/31/08. 40 lbs. lighter... and fitting into old clothes! Hubby & I at his 2008 office holiday party. Everyone complimented me on my new, healthy weight look! My son Tal is a high school sophomore. My daughter Danielle is in the fifth grade. Photoshopped pic of my son visiting the world of Spiderwick (done for a school project) My daughter is a member of her school chess club. She's brought home a few trophies in her time. ^_^ My son enjoys performing in comedic theater. His improv duo is going on to State level this year! My kids design & construct costumes for competitions. This is one of their winning entries. Family pic from dress-up night at our never-ending New Year's Party (12/31/05) Hubby, and me -- all "gothed up" for "Vampire Night" at our never-ending New Year's Party (2009). We host a mystery party for my hubby's b-day each January. This is my daughter & me in our costumes. At the birthday mystery party, Tal played Xeres -- an adventurous thief. One of my all-time favorite pictures: my dad, dancing with my daughter at age 3. A photo of me from the mid 80s. I used this photo for visualization while trying to lose weight. Me on my wedding day (1988). I weighed 135 lbs. back then. (1 comments) Old photo (1990) of me feeding pigeons (w/fuzzy l'il Nermal) in Venice, Italy. A 4-generation pic of my son, me, my mom, and my grandfather (1994). My weight was about 145 lbs. Posing with my son, probably in '98 or '99. I was maybe 150 lbs. then. Dani & me, after enjoying dinner at the Amana Colonies with friends. Probably ca. 2001, and 175 lbs. Dancing with my son at a convention, ca. 2002 and 180 lbs. In my kitchen with Dani, probably around 2003 and 185+ lbs. Pic of me taken on a trip to Vegas, ca. 2004. I'm sure I was pushing 190 by then. Poster for our theater troupe's 2004 show. I was probably close to my top weight of 195 lbs. here. Posing in a costume in '07, on the way back down. Having lost 15+ lbs., the dress was too big! Me & my daughter in new duds, after our shopping trip for my "skinny wardrobe" (March 2009) (2 comments) Biker Chicks! My daughter and I in South Dakota; we shopped in Deadwood at a biker clothing store. My kids and my mom posing during our trip to Mt. Rushmore (Aug. 2009) Skinny Enuf 2 Rock: my daughter & I hamming it up at my friend's Beatles RockBand party (Sept 09) Do I look like I'm in full "flower child" hippie mode here or what? (Photo taken by my friend Mitch) 65 total pounds lost since April 2007... wish I'd found SparkPeople earlier in the process! My results for DDR Fanatics Challenge #1 My final, documentable results for DDR Fanatics Challenge #3 (5 Feb 2009) My results for DDR Fanatics Challenge #5

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