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June 2014 (1 comments) Hard copy of my workout / stay active journal! This is the month of August! The stickers are days achieved! May 2015 Just got done making the heirloom tomato and basil sauce! It turned out soooooooo yummy! My tummy isn't feeling so good and today is a c25k training day. Hopefully some ginger tea will help! One month down! New hair! Fall 2015 I had a crash today & made myself sick by eating the wrong stuff. So, super yummy salad with rotisserie chicken was nommed tonight for dinner. Totally made me feel better! So pretty! We flew kites today! Lots of running and laughing! Went for a hike and kite flying today! I'm 500 steps from my step goal! Beautiful day! Mason jar salads all ready for this week! :) Happy Ostara! It's snowy and cold here, but the trees are trying to bud! I'm looking forward to warmer weather! (1 comments) Really rugged and tough trail, but I did it!!! Yay! Got my necklace back and it's good as new! They did a great job on the repair. :) A pic of my furbaby nephew. ;) What a nice face. Xoxo (1 comments) I rolled my ankle. It insta swelled! I don't want to adult no more today!!! :( (1 comments) *dies laughing* Water in take history. I've met my daily goal for 8 straight days! Yes! No sleep, it's awfully humid....no excuses! Work out done! Feeling strong! Treat yoself! Active day! :) Yes! Ha! Dinner tonight: Chickpea & Veggie Buddha Bowl. So yum! (1 comments) Woah! Look at all those steps and floors climbed yesterday! December 2016 G surprised me today and took me to the zoo!!!!!! So much fun! Yesterday was an active one! Hoping to keep the momentum up this week! My awesome neighbor brought over a beautiful flower and wished G & I a happy spring! I don't think she understands how much this means to me. So kind of her! Red (strawberries), white (homemade vanilla dairy free Greek yogurt) and blue (blueberries) parfaits with granola clusters and honey drizzled on top. This weekend I make a batch of Dairy Free Greek Yogurt. This was my first attempt as it actually turned out well! #dairyfree #homemade #greekyogurt #granola #honey #healthyfood #healthy #yum #yummy #omnomnom #iknowwhatsinit A start to a journey of much needed healing. I'm terrified of the pain, but it has to hurt if it's to heal so I can become the person I know I can be. It's time to unpack this baggage. I'm gonna remember this when things get dark. My new flamingo water bottle G got me! Love it! I got married today. No stress. ALL FUN! This is my work out / positive goals bullet journal. This is where I plan the month, week, and scribble down thoughts. I can also track food and hydration as well. I found I need a hard copy of my goals and progress to keep me on track. So far so go good for the month of August! This coming week, however, it is going to get real as I am focusing on upping my work outs! What methods do you use to keep on track? #motivation Summer 2013 Me - June 2013 Me - June 2013 Me - May 2013 (1 comments) Me in my Hello Kitty Glasses :D - August 2012 (1 comments) Me - March 2012 (1 comments) "Only as high as I reach can I grow..." (1 comments) (1 comments) The Scale doesnt define who I am. Only the actions I take to become a more healthier and fit me! (1 comments) Be FEARLESS No more excuses...I CAN DO IT! (2 comments) ....says birdie and you know it! :D (1 comments) (1 comments) (1 comments)

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