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(2 comments) December 05, 255 lbs. size 18 jeans around 240 or 250 here. Aug. 03~ Not even at my heaviest here December 05, size 18 jeans around 250 lbs Jan. 1st, 09~~164 lbs. Working on getting back to this! Jan. 8th 163 lbs, gained a little back since then. I will get back to there though. (1 comments) Before Pic for spring in to summer challenge. 3-22-09 (165.8 lbs) (1 comments) March 26th 09 Me with my daddy and kids on Easter day 2009 Me and a friend of mine from highschool. July 1st 09 gained around 10 pounds..171~july 1st 09 MSWEBB8046 and I at the 2010 Garden spot 5K (August 14) team Literacy! 2010 Garden Spot 1st place for most team member with 100 or less employees! Michelle (mswebb8046) and I @ sips and strokes (mon. sept. 27-2010) sept 27th 2010 sept 27th 2010 around 195 New year's eve 2010 Christmas Charades 2010 (abt 184 lbs here) Lady Gaga concert March 12th 2011 (1 comments) My best friend MsWebb8046 (on the left) and myself on the right. March 2011 (1 comments) Downtown Nashville with my bestie 8/19/11 Waiting for Katy Perry to come on stage 8/19/11 Christina (right) and I (left) headed to see Katy Perry 8/19/11 Me and my BEAUTIFUL kids, My world, the reason I wake up each day.... (1 comments) This was my husband and I in April 02. I weighed about 145lbs here This is my husband and I before the kids. I weighed around 145 here. (1 comments) January 04, 230 lbs or so around 230 lbs in this pic, August 06 Around 225 lbs. And this wasn't even near my heaviest! March 08, abt 215 lbs (1 comments) 189 lbs~~june 18th. I am getting there! 179 lbs~10-19-08 173lbs Nov. 16th 08. 1st time this shirt has ever been loose on me (1 comments) Nov. 19, 2008 abt 172 ish lbs (1 comments) (1 comments)

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