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March 2013: my son and daughter (4 comments) Baby Swimman as Baby Sailman (1 comments) Walking to work... nice commute no through the trees and along a river :-) (1 comments) Baby Swimman at 3 and a half Baby Swimman showing tbe strawberry he had drawn at summer camp The Adriatic Sea Coast, near Trieste (3 comments) The Gulf of Trieste, Northern Adriatic Sea (1 comments) The Gulf of Trieste (1 comments) The beach I like to sunbathe at: it's a 200 yd walk dwn and then 200 back up! My dad and I on Whidbey Island (1 comments) Me and my daughter at Pike Place Market in Seattle Udine With my daughter at Deception Pass, WA State, September 2008 (1 comments) Gorizia city center looking up at the castle February 2005, me at 240 something?! (2 comments) The Adriatic Sea in Dalmatia, Croatia Looks like Italy? It is, at 9000 feet that is in the middle of winter at minus 20 degrees celsius! SWIMMAN as SKIMAN ;-) (1 comments) The Italian Dolomites Getting off the boat in Saranda (Albania that is) Sailing from Greece to Italy up the Adriatic Sea coast - SWIMMAN as SAILMAN LOL! (6 comments) Say hi to Baby Swimman :-D (1 comments) baby swimman getting ready for his swim. In the meantime the sand will do quite nicely :-) (5 comments) Off the coast of Albania sailing up the Adriatic (1 comments) 3 generations: my dad, me and my son (2 comments) Snoqualimie Falls, near Seattle - December 2012 (2 comments) Now this is a garden with a few Christmas lights :-D Bellevue's Garden D'Lights, 2012 It's not always rainy in Seattle - only when I was last there :-( This photo was taken AFTER I left! With Baby Swimman :-) Yes Wowetoo, it's sometime's is cold and snowy even at the sea in Italy :-D (1 comments) Me on a very big tree at LaPush, Olympic Penninsula, December 2012 Me at 242 lbs in August 2006 in the center of Split, Croatia, next to the roman era remains (1 comments) January 2009 at a swim meet here in Gorizia at 181 lbs Me in September 2007 at 202 lbs after an open water race March 2008 at 196 lbs (89 kg) down 46 lbs! (2 comments) Ready for business! March 2008 March 2008 My daughter on Christmas Eve, 2008 (1 comments) Barcis Lake, Pordenone Province, in the Julian Alps 12/08 (1 comments) After a day in the mountains, a bit of relax The Castle of Gorizia from my old window orchids.... and more orchids! :) My favourite orchid (3 comments) A medal finally! 3rd place in the 1500 m freestyle for 40-44 year olds, June 2008 Me in the center of Udine, Italy, August, 2008 After running up the hill 4 miles, time to run down the hill :) After making it up to the top of the hill by bike, a photo before a fast long descent down! an unhealthy refrigerator 09/08 (1 comments) a healthy refrigerator 12/08 (1 comments)

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