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Me at Stonehenge! July 2015 Me with my Halloweenathon medal Oct 2016 (1 comments) Shamrock Run 2014 - First major run after the knee injury (1 comments) My beloved cat, Emma. She's my shy little Diva. (2 comments) Thank you, Regina, for these goodies! YUM TIME!! (1 comments) Thank you to fellow Sparker, Regina, from Lundberg Rice, who sent these after seeing my infamous pic (1 comments) 2013 Jingle Bell Run - It was 16 deg F, but I ran the WHOLE WAY in 36 min!! (8 comments) I never thought I could wear anything so sexy and fun, but this year I AM WONDER WOMAN!! (7 comments) 2013 October Halloweenathon - My 2nd 5K!! (3 comments) 2013, September 7th - My First 5K! I came in #102 with 34:52! Not bad for my first one! (8 comments) (1 comments) (2 comments) From the side - WOW, what a difference nearly a year makes! [August 9, 2103] (3 comments) This is a Medium Blouse and Size 10 Jeans!! [August 9, 2103] (10 comments) New haircut and new low weight! [July 25, 2013] (16 comments) 7 months and 95 pounds drastically change the way this blouse looks on me!! (12 comments) Wearing a dress I NEVER thought I'd wear and feeling FABULOUS in it! (7 comments) I can't believe how amazing I feel! I never thought I'd be this weight EVER! June 2013 (2 comments) This is me at my now lowest adult weight of 180 pounds! May 31, 2013 (2 comments) This is me unable to hold the 85 pounds representing the weight I lost! June 3, 2013 (15 comments) April 24, 2013 at 193/194 pounds from the side (3 comments) April 24, 2013 at 193/194 pounds. WOW, these jeans are feelin' loose! (1 comments) Feeling really good about myself! (5 comments) A fitted shirt! Haven't worn this since graduation in 2008. (2 comments) Another before/after! 20 pounds lighter since March - what a difference! (9 comments) New Spring Clothes! I can't believe how good I look and feel! [March 20, 2013] (3 comments) Yeah, I feel frakkin' awesome!! And even *GASP* sexy! [March 2, 2013] (2 comments) A before/after - I hesitate to put this up because the "BEFORE" makes me feel ashamed. (7 comments) I've lost 20+ pounds and already, I feel great :) [December 2012] (2 comments) I'd already grown to fit back into the pink blouse that I hated [May 2008] (1 comments) Graduation [June 2008] (1 comments) This photo from October 29, 2006, is me at nearly my lowest adult weight of 185 pounds. (1 comments) I know it's hard to tell, but this was me at my thinnest...God, I felt good!! [November 2006] (2 comments)

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