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Now THAT'S what I call raspberry yogurt!! (3 comments) My yummy salad and kind of scary overlooked tilapia goin for a 10 min walk break (1 comments) My yummy turkey burger, veggies and clementine for lunch. Special treat of Silk dark chocolate almond milk. Too bad it's not the unsweetened kind! (2 comments) So many toys...yet why play with them? My first ever soft boiled egg. Almost perfect!!! Salad with leftover salmon, light buffalo ranch dressing and lemon juice. Low fat cottage cheese with pineapple. YUMMY!!! Post run selfie. 450 calories. I'll take it!!! Greek yogurt Mac and cheese with asparagus (4 comments) Greek yogurt, leftover strawberry salsa, slivered almonds and dark chocolate crunch Cheerios. Not pretty, but yummy! (1 comments) Turkey burger, vegetarian refried beans, veggies, low fat cheese stick and unsweetened cashew milk. Not nearly enough calories but I'm stumped today trying to balance macros and calories. Suggestions??? (1 comments) Ok, so not my prettiest breakfast but it's pretty good. PB and strawberry steel cut oats (I used PB2 and real peanut butter) a clementine and a slice of double protein wheat bread. Lunch time! Oven baked chicken with some kind of garlic-parsley seasoning, a boatload of veggies, leftover refried beans and a cheese stick that I probably should save for my snack. We'll see about that. Lunch time! Oven baked chicken with some kind of garlic-parsley seasoning, a boatload of veggies, leftover refried beans and a cheese stick that I probably should save for my snack. We'll see about that. My snack on a fancy paper towel. I'm 30 min early for my snack. Going to be a long afternoon. Forgot to snap a pic of breakfast. It was yummy though. Here's lunch salad with chicken and chick peas with fat free sweet and sour. snack time!!!! Half of a cara cara orange and some almonds. My attempt at Jimmy Biggs grilled Mac and cheese. Didn't work quire as well on the leftover mac and cheese that was baked. But next time I make it, it will go straight into the skillet to get caramelized. And of course some asparagus. I got a workout to do. Let's eat!! Go me! I think that's my fastest ever!! (1 comments) Breakfast, lunch and snack are all packed and ready to go! Overnight oats made with cashew milk, fresh strawberries, chopped pecans and chia seeds. And a little sugar/ stevia blend. (1 comments) Today's lunch brought to you by the letter "c" apparently. Carrots, celery, and cucumber along side an egg beaters frittata (including a diced up turkey burger, some green onion, and a slice of thin cheddar). Pears for dessert. Running out of fresh fruits! Snack time! Clementine and Thin Addictives cranberry almond biscotti! (3 comments) Another great run. Not on the schedule but it was too nice outside not to go! (1 comments) Dinner...double protein wheat bread with homemade peanut butter and trader joes dried bing cherries (love them...just dried cherries nothing added). And a salad with the last of the tomatoes and light buffalo ranch dressing. Snack time. Dark choc crunch Cheerios and unsweetened cashew milk Breakfast! Non fat plain Greek yogurt with some sugar/stevia blend, fresh strawberries and thawed frozen peaches! YUMMY!!!! Lunch...chicken with some chipotle seasoning, a sweet potato with cinnamon, veggies and some cottage cheese Waking on the indoor track on lunch. Please spring arrive soon so I can post parking lot photos instead. It's way early for my snack but I'm hungry already. Tiny banana and an apple Newton cookie Red (raspberries), white (Greek yogurt), and blue (blueberries) overnight oats! Yummy (2 comments) Spinach, chick peas, shrimp, cucumber, light feta and Kraft Light Bruscetta Italian. Workout time!! Upper body and abs (1 comments) Just a half of a cherry pie Larabar to make my stomach stop growling before my workout First part of my workout done. Now on to abs! 20 minute ab circuit done!! Strawberry and pineapple Greek yogurt with granola and a cup of chocolate mint coffee. (1 comments) Our dinner salads Grilled Greek yogurt mac and cheese! Last night's dinner (1 comments) Lower body day. Mat here I come! Post workout pic. I don't look like it but I worked my a$$ off (abs too). Releve squats are HARD! Doubled up on all the ab exercises too. (2 comments) Need I say more? Grits with a tbs of brown sugar and some stevia, 2 eggs scrambled with Laughing Cow cheddar and a kiwi. So yummy! (2 comments) Quinoa breakfast bake is in the oven. I hope it's good (3 comments) Low fat cottage cheese, sugar snap peas, and celery with homemade peanut butter and no sugar added dried cherries. (1 comments) An hour and 15 min later and I hope it's done (3 comments) NY Strip, half a baked potato (I added garlic butter later), asparagus and a small glass of wine. First steak on the grill of the year! (1 comments) So yeah, that quinoa breakfast bake. This is it with a half cup of Greek yogurt mixed in. It's ok. I has cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. I'm not liking the cloves. Thankfully the yogurt helps cut it. Next time more cinnamon and no cloves@ Giant salad with tuna for lunch. My fancy snack (1 comments) Strawberry-banana (sorry Dee) overnight oats with chia seeds, cashew milk and Greek yogurt. Yes, I eat a ton of Greek yogurt! Lunch is last night's leftovers. Greek shish kebab with couscous. So yummy Snack time. 2% cottage cheese with a clementine (3 comments) This is NOT my breakfast. I forgot to snap a pic. But that's ok, just look back to Monday. It looked exactly the same! I also think I forgot to post dinner. I have a pic though Last night's dinner. French toast made with egg beaters/egg combo, 1 slice of extra protein bread, 2 slices of light Italian bread, strawberries, syrup and a glass of cashew milk. Yum!!! (1 comments) My massive lunch. Egg salad on lavash with spinach, a metric ton of veggies, cheese stick and an apple (2 comments) Snack attack. Banana and a Fiber One brownie. The brownie isn't my normal choice but I was at a loss. (1 comments) Strawberry over night oats and a kiwi (2 comments) One of my more odd lunches. Lavash roll up with almond butter and dried cherries, another metric ton of veggies and some cottage cheese with Julio's seasoning (I'm pretending the Julios doesn't have msg in it. It's so yummy) (1 comments) Woo. Arm circuit warm up (1 comments) Leftover polenta and 2 soft boiled eggs. I also had some Greek yogurt with pineapple. (1 comments) Last night's dinner. Salad, polenta and Italian turkey sausage. Yes I made a 3 eyes smilie face with my food! (1 comments) Tonight's salads to go with the pasta Greek yogurt, peaches, nut/grape nuts mix (1 comments) Quinoa salad and veggies (1 comments) Ok so egg white oatmeal with almond butter, cinnamon and banana. Not sure about this. A bit too eggy for me Same as yesterday. Different veggies Snack time. Lots of calories left today and needed more protein. Greek yogurt, blueberries and Honey Nut Cheerios Today's breakfast brought to you by...leftover avocado and tomatoes from last night's taco salads and sponsored by the liquid egg whites left from yesterday's nasty egg white oatmeal. We saw a couple little friends on our walk today (1 comments) First parking lot walk of the year. Yay spring!! (2 comments) Curry Apple chicken salad, veggies and tiny bagel pretzels. Yummy Greek yogurt peaches and blueberries sprinkles with grape nuts and chopped almonds Lunch!! Salad with feta, peppers, tomatoes, and 2 hard boiled eggs. Light buffalo ranch dressing. Thin Addictives Cranberry Almond biscotti for dessert Breakfast! Concord grape yogurt and granola. Double protein bread and apricot fruit spread Not bad for only my second workout this week Nice 3 mile run in the sprinkles at the campground. 9:55 pace. I'll take it! Pretty humid already today. Nice pace. Hill sprints and negative splits!! 2 whole grain low fat waffles with real maple syrup and a diced plum. 320 ish calories Roasted asparagus , tomatoes, and tiny mozzarella balls with parsley-basil gremolata. Tonight's salad with grilled corn and sweet Italian turkey sausages. ME My little Sydney Lou! (1 comments) Baby Sydney (4 comments) (1 comments) Roadie and Sydney after a hike (1 comments) Roadie Come on Mom, let's go already! Sydney trying to get Roadie and I to catch up to the complete strangers. See that speck? It's a boxer that Sydney HAD to bark at. (2 comments) I have the cutest dogs in the world! (2 comments) Allie, Me and Sharon Sydney's Tea Party-protesting the length of our walk! (1 comments) (3 comments) Sharon made this for me! (4 comments) Sydney after her bath Shake Shake Shake Clean (and happy) Roadie! (1 comments) Fall Hiking Spree hike #2 (3 comments) Stopping for a snack while kayaking 2010 (1 comments) Me at my largest...My daughter and I many years ago at the Grand Canyon. I think it was 2005. First trip out on the kayaks 2012 That's my girl! sunset on our first time out this year (2012) My partner and I in front of My Cousin Vinny's Restaurant in Niagara Falls ~~ 7-21-12 (2 comments) (1 comments) M new hair (4 comments) Before Run The Roo 4/27/13 (3 comments) Run The Roo Finish (3 comments) Reading on the beach...Cape May 2013 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! (3 comments) On the Goodtime III in September 2013 (4 comments) This morning's run....FIRST EVER NEGATIVE SPLITS....GO ME!!!!! (1 comments)

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